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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, February 24, 2003 at 4:57 pm by flerly.

31 paper reworks with my name on them.
23 emailed issues in the “to-do” mail folder.

Marc has to defend me, first thing this morning, because one of the 47 separate emailed issues regarding a change to Lanier was missed and not done last week. I am obviously a slacker, who perhaps doesn’t want the website to succeed because I hate racing. He’s had trouble with me in the past before. He isn’t trying to be funny, he is tearing Marc a new one. I hear the specifics about his gripes with me second hand shortly after Marc slams the phone down and exclaims “Cocksucker!” I knew we were off to a good day.

I’ve already vented about the Preferred ASSociates North Carolina bastards, well they are on hold today so I can crank out a bunch of “easy” urgent reworks today (nevermind the fact that they already called, TGFVM, asking why no changes were made yet…. um.. since Friday night? Gee I didn’t work over the weekend – Sue me.) Problem is, first “easy” rework I pick up includes three simple items, minor really, should crank out a ton of these today… let’s see 1) make the agent roster popup automatically — okay, two minutes to do. So far so good… 2) change office’s main navigation, reorder buttons, and change text to read as follows. The new first button should become the animated one instead of the current one….. K. FLIP out, nevermind this is an ancient site, custom graphics, all the buttons are some funky MAC font that I can’t recreate, and they’re all of staggered length, with a fading gradient background over a complicated image that includes a picture of their office building. Oh, no problem. This will be a quickie… not. Basically the job says to redo their homepage graphics from scratch, because that’s what i have to do to do the rework. Okay, an hour later, item 3) make sure the map search on the office level carries through to the agent sites, too. …. K. FLIP OUT again.. Been working on that ever since. Custom filters for agent sites were against our policy… but apparently not now. I did ask to make sure, they said do it.

Anyway.. that is dull work specific babble, but suffice it to say.. I’m still on rework number ONE for the day that I’m supposed to be cranking these suckers out. I’m just waiting for the NC people to complain I haven’t called them back – fuck them – and to get in trouble for not calling them back – fuck you, too.

On top of THAT I have to be here by 8:30 sharp to interview one of Marc’s buddies for the position of a new assistant. He knows HTML, says Marc. Wow.. let’s hire him. Nevermind the 15 other fucking resumes I sent their way for this job, no no.. let’s hire a buddy of Marc’s. I’m sure this will be working out.

AND on top of THAT I have to attend a catered Comstock VIP luncheon, to “key personnel” only. I asked Darlene about the menu, since I’m back on Atkins, and she says “we will be having Fried Chicken w/mashed tater and green beans. Please attend and bring you lunch if you want to.” Supposedly this meeting is to get a state of the union of these personnel, let us know where FNIS is going, and what our role will be. BTW, Billy accepted his transfer to Hawaii… three-to-four months until he actually leaves. He is very confidence Jason will be going with him, but no official offer for Jason yet.

Anyway.. feeling stressed. DUH. Just venting.. must get back to this work shit.

4:23 update: I’ve been trying to get this to post to LJ for 2 1/2 hours.


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