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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 10:28 am by flerly.
I’m rockin’ tonite – I’m walkin’ on air
Gonna find me some trouble – gonna grab my share
I want ya tonite – I want ya with me
Make me guilty of love in the first degree

You want it all right… we’re goin’ in style
Say you walk right – you talk right – and your hair’s so wild
Snow-white – hey that’s not what I mean
We go down in the shadows and crawl between

Moonlight in the city brings the magic to your eyes
Freezin’ a moment – leave me paralyzed
Breathe an emotion – set it dancin’ in my ear
Bring on the rhythm when I hold you near

Take me in your arms – roll me through the night
Take me to your heart – rock me tonite

You do it all right – you’re passion to see
You been schooled in the art of romancin’ me
Hold tight – you’re in for a ride
Can you feel the blood poundin’ way down inside

No one’s stoppin’ us now –
We go down, down where the music’s loud
If it’s all night – hey that’s all right by me
Go and play on my love – play it all for me

Life’s never easy – we can make it if we try
Takin’ our chances – face ’em side by side
Live for the moment – on that we can agree
Come and take me where I long to be

Take me in your arms – roll me through the night
Take me to your heart – rock me tonite

A time for all… and all in time
To slip beyond the border line
Of who we are and where we long to be…
When every night you hear the sound
Of wakin’ up and breakin’ down
You find a chance and heave it all away

Take me in your arms – roll me through the night
Take me to your heart – rock me tonite

Must remember to put up Bristol/wedding prep pictures for sis & niece tonight… procrastinator!!

Also, *sigh*, must remember to take time to breathe. Interview this morning went well, wish we could hire both these people, since they’re so opposite — her programming background, him design background. Either one is gonna make me look like a retard, but we need the help.

Found out that on average we turn on 30-36 new office level sites a year, been steady for about three years. Also found out that due to a big increase in the sales force, we have just sold over 50 new office level sites, all promised out over the next three months. What’s worse, they sales force is still selling. Those won’t be all we have to do this year.

I need to get ahold of a Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 to learn for a project coming up. Marc brought in his HUGE book on it from class, but strangely enough, the educational version of Dreamweaver they provided with the class was not the UltraDev version.

More good news, due to our uppity-up-up visitors being in the office, we’re not allowed to mention Lanier Speedway for three whole days! And why…? Because FNIS just instituted a policy of no free work. Wow, you’d think this would be standard policy, but Comsuck has a reputaion for doing freebie sites and/or redesigns just to keep customers paying their monthly fee. So, precisely, no mention of Lanier, Cabin Site, or even this HUGE pain in the ass freebie redesign for the NC assholes. Next three days may even be tolerable.

I don’t know whether the crowd will be brave enough to do a long cheese lunch today as usual, but I won’t be going anyway. Still waiting for the usual Atkins drop in appetite… so I can’t risk going to cheese and going nuts.

Oh well… people are walking all over the place around the office, and I certainly have enough to be doing.


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