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Employee Luncheon

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 1:31 pm by flerly.

[13:21] Kim J: well they told us to ask Jack anything we wanted…
[13:21] Jason Churchill: and, and?
[13:21] Jason Churchill: andyouaskedhim, “does jason suck?”
[13:22] Kim J: “So, can you give me an idea of what’s going to be happening to this Atlanta office in the next year?”
[13:22] Jason Churchill: well?
[13:22] Kim J: he said they plan in a year and half for this to be a sales/call center
[13:23] Kim J: development is being entirely phased out of here. In July they plan to launch their broker/office suite as a new platform for our customers… new sites will be on that platform. Estimate 1 year to turn over all customers to that platform…
[13:24] Kim J: essential personnel to maintaining our current platform will have to remain here until that is done. everyone else is supposed to be offered positions in either santa ana or hawaii
[13:24] Kim J: at the end of that turnover, the remaining people are supposed to offered positions elsewhere, too
[13:28] Jason Churchill: kabloowy
[13:30] Kim J: no big surprise
[13:32] Kim J: but that’s why i went.. that’s what i wanted to ask him. =\
[13:32] Kim J: camp chimed in afterwards, “as far as your job, in graphics goes, there will always be a place for you.”
[13:33] Kim J: boy do i feel motivated =\
[13:34] Jason Churchill: so, for the next year, comstock is a call center, and after that, it’s a little bit of history.
[13:34] Kim J: no, for the next year, it’s pretty much the same, but after that it’s a call center.
[13:35] Kim J: except somebody somewhere is deciding who “essential personnel” are to keep up the sites we have until they are phased out.
[13:36] Kim J: Camp said Billy was going first to “jump in and see where our developers can fit in to the FNIS development scheme” then other people would be moved
[13:46] Jason Churchill: see, I don’t think Camp and friends get it. ‘Engineers’ who will be moving on currently consists of Billy and me. Everyone else has said they are unwilling to move.
[13:46] Jason Churchill: am i missing someone?
[13:46] Kim J: i dunno.. he said only billy moving. the “essential personnel” have not been revealed i dont think
[13:46] Kim J: probably everyone willing to stay, knowing they are working themselves out of a job
[13:47] Jason Churchill: even with hawaii, i don’t know how well my patience is going to abide me here


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