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I could have slept all day…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 27, 2003 at 10:17 am by flerly.

Note to self, if you can’t fall asleep by 4 am, don’t take a tylenol PM when you know the alarm is going to go off at 6:30. Oh, I snoozed.. and snoozed… and snoozed… and who cares if my hair is sticking up in 20 directions… nobody gets near enough to me to tell if i showered this morning… i always wear wrinkly clothes anyway… but when I thought, i’m not going to have time for breakfast or to pack lunch, my *must stay on diet* instinct kicked in and I rolled out of bed.

Our bathroom is connected to our bedroom by only a doorway, which we have hung dark curtains over to keep the light out from me getting ready in the mornings, so I don’t disturb JamesT too much while he sleeps. As such, I tend to pull piles of things I’m considering to wear out of laundry baskets, pretty much in the dark, and take them all into the bathroom area… where if they end up unchosen, then they become part of a pile of what I know is clean laundry still. Since this is a practice I haven’t really spelled out for JamesT, I noted again this morning how the pile had increased with the addition of his dirty laundry. I’ve been meaning to figure out how to remedy this, perhaps with the addition of some laundry hampers to our room, wouldn’t that be novel.

Thursday. Two more days to finish the million new site setups and Q/C’s that have to be done. Priority, of course, is now dictated by this e-card I just received from “Bridezilla”, who I needed to talk to about wedding stuff anyway. Trying to convince her to go Subway & chips instead of pork sandwiches for the rehersal “picnic” dinner.

Speaking of sandwiches, I just ordered some crap off Atkinscenter.com — bread & tortillas mostly. Some splenda sweetened sauces. I think I need to invest in a breadmaker, too. They had some soup mixes that I might try in the future, too. Niece is on the diet, too, so we’ve been chatting about it almost every morning. She’s lost 4lbs this week she says. w00t. One of these days when I’m not still stuffing down breakfast as I walk out the door to work, I’m going to take the time to weigh myself again.

Oh well. It’s getting hard to ignore this work, so I guess I’ll see what it wants from me.


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