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it’s time ta go…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 1, 2002 at 5:12 pm by flerly.

I remember, not so fondly, the days of hand coding html in notepad and thinking I was all cool…. Now, sitting here next to Newbie-Marc who is just learning html, who is using HomeSite (barely a step up from hand coding in my opinion) i am not only having flashbacks of evil html classes, I am having massive headaches from how SLOW that is to do.

Anyway.. the place reeks of macaroni and cheese, which they tell me is actually popcorn, so my nose has apparently already gone home for the day. Tonight, I get to look forward to a dinner out with Sushi I can’t eat, because my willpower to stay on the diet is stronger than the need for sushi…. believe it or not.

The meeting… no, THE meeting, the weekly 3 hour meeting, was to tell us that we’d basically been selected for another full time job… to develop a whole new agent product, front end, user-back-end, and support-back end. It’s at least a year long project… which I guess is good for job security. I admitted that my work load of late had been “light”… understatement of the year, and that I could handle the project (at least NOW).. BS is debating whether to let us all handle it as part-timers, or to select some people to devote all their time to this. Deconstructing our existing database on reconstructing a new and improved one and the 3 interfaces for it does not sound like fun to me…. of course… as James said to me recently, my job as is “is so lame” that maybe this “work” will be a nice change.

On the weird occurrences front, lengthy dialog with a co-worker has revealed him to be an utter freak. The interested parties already know the details, but this note is to remind the FUTURE me of that fact when I might be distracted by his “cutie” appearance and try to talk to him again.

Anyway.. it’s time to go. Feeling really cross-eyed from these glasses, so it’s time to go out into traffic and be deadly to other drivers…


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