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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 27, 2003 at 3:00 pm by flerly.

Buffy is over… but all you slashdotters already knew that…

To quote JamesT: “Quel dommage!” One less thing on TV for me to be addicted to and get all grumpy over if I happen to miss.

Notice how I’m not actually working, and have in fact been pricing hotel rooms for Bridezilla’s get together. Feeling like such a zombie. Contacts foggy or brain foggy — can’t tell. At least there is the promise of a movie tonight to break the monotony…

Did anybody decide about soccer Saturday? I still need to commit to a bridesmaid dress this weekend, too. And I guess there’s always the task of organizing the house to prep for Jim-bob moving out. I ASSume he might be making a trip to Charlotte this weekend to scope out housing.

Oh, and girlz, if I am sticking true to this diet… wtf am I going to eat at cheese? I dunno.. but please don’t make me drink the margaritas. I really can’t. I’ll figure out the food issue…

Oh well… not that i’m quitting to work more… but I should.


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