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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, March 1, 2003 at 12:36 am by flerly.

Long day, but I’m mostly done with everything that needed to be done this week. End of the month sucks so bad. I spent all morning redoing shit for new sites that I thought was done already, just because more changes came in. “Oh, you did what I told you to on the checklist? No, well, I shot you an email revising that. No, not a new checklist, just a note to not do that, but this instead…” How many times did that scenario play out? Too many.. that’s all I know.

Billy went with us to Bailey’s for lunch. It’s interesting to me that he’s nervous about going to Hawaii. He’s excited, but he said he had a sort of knot in his stomach about the whole thing. I was very concerned, until I realized that knot was allowing me to kick his ass at cutthroat three times in a row. Then I was just cocky.

Marc had Audioslave in the cd changer of his new ride… I’m like ohmygodisthataudioslavedidyouknowtheconcertisnextweekendi’msoexcited and he’s like, oh, yeah i like them. i loved Soundgarden and Chris Cornell… Where were these people when I was lamenting over people to go with me to the concert?!? I mean… as it looks now I could have put a group together to go, but those slackers just weren’t big enough fans to buy the internet pre-sale tickets and now it’s sold out, yo.

Cheese posse was chilled out tonight. Spent the evening at the Love Shak watching Chocolat instead of eating cheese. No alcohol consumed, can you believe it?

*whoa* .. I just heard somebody screaming, but don’t see anybody outside. Must be somebody’s tv or something. Weird.

Oh well… anyway…

[23:03] JasonC: hey little girl, want sum candy?
[23:04] KimJ: you are NOT still there?!?
[23:04] JasonC: fuck shit hell goddamn
[23:04] JasonC: yes
[23:04] KimJ: why on earth?
[23:05] JasonC: because at around 5pm today I decided I wanted to do a little project to make my life (and the life of those who shall come after me) easier.
[23:07] KimJ: so what was the charitable project and are you still working on it?
[23:08] JasonC: a cgi script for managing HomeViewer. every fucking day, David Rhodes sends me a list of agents to turn on to HV
[23:09] JasonC: Now, he can do the bloody thing
[23:09] KimJ: rock
[23:09] JasonC: himself
[23:09] JasonC: fuck me
[23:09] KimJ: you’re the man
[23:09] JasonC: I’ll still have shit to do, and this extra effort won’t mean shit to anyone
[23:09] KimJ: yeah, but it’s damn sexy. i mean.. i want to do you right now, just cuz
[23:09] KimJ: i’m sure david will feel the same way.
[23:09] KimJ: =P
[23:10] JasonC: aren’t i hot, though
[23:10] JasonC: my god, i’m getting all bothered just thinking about myself
[23:14] JasonC: hey, i’m the only one here, come and get me!
[23:14] KimJ: uhuh.. and in the half hour it takes me to get there….
[23:15] JasonC: sure, and i’m just going to log off msn, so that i’ll have finished my project by the time you get here.
[23:15] JasonC: oh, and the back door will be locked, and I’ve got my headphones on
[23:15] JasonC: you have a key?
[23:16] KimJ: yes i do
[23:16] JasonC: cool
[23:16] KimJ: uh huh
[23:16] JasonC: now, I like to work with the lights off, so it’ll be dark in here
[23:16] JasonC: dark and sexy
[23:16] JasonC: see you in 30?
[23:16] KimJ: silly ass
[23:16] JasonC: kewl, i’ll be waiting with my pants off
[23:16] JasonC: nite
[23:17] KimJ: fine, you work.. i’ll leave ya the hell alone….
[23:17] JasonC: i want to go home and drink tea
[23:17] JasonC: lots of tea
[23:17] KimJ: i have lots of tea, btw..
[23:17] KimJ: and splenda
[23:18] JasonC: I’ll have to bring you some of my favorite. It is actually a sample (I wish i’d ordered more)
[23:18] JasonC: green pekoe blues
[23:18] KimJ: i’m in love with this bigalow vanilla tea right now… though i think there’s some honey ginseng green tea in the filing cabinet there
[23:18] KimJ: but… you’re a tea snob now
[23:19] KimJ: and… i’m not, since i like plain old unflavored green tea just fine
[23:19] JasonC: you suck
[23:19] KimJ: uhuh
[23:19] JasonC: nite
[23:19] JasonC: nite nite
[23:19] KimJ: k
[23:19] KimJ: nite

What is up with LJ being down so much lately? Any news? I finished writing this entry before midnight…


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  1. signde has made a Comment

    lj is damn near useless during the day anymore. they are having all kinds of problems.



    two places or friends you can add to keep up with whats going on in case you didn’t know.

    March 3, 2003 @ 5:06 pm

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