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It’s a Hawaii sort of day…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, March 2, 2003 at 11:28 am by flerly.

Sitting here…. map of the island of Oahu on the wall beside me…

still wearing one of those island-trendy shell necklaces with my Grand Hotel Hawaii shirt…

… checking the lousy weather report that tells me it may get up to 54 here today, it’s pretty easy to say where I’d rather be. I think the job offer to transfer to Honolulu will come up again if I can stick with FNIS for the next year. That’s a big if… har har

Last week was terrible. I didn’t make it to the gym, or even work out at home, once. Not once! Sure, I stuck to my diet, which was in itself stressful, but work was simply terrible. Unbearable, nearly. I know I wanted to explode while I was there, and when I got home… all I wanted was sleep.

I dreamt last night that JamesT and myself transferred over there, and were living in the Real World Hawaii house (just because I saw it while I was there, and it’s location/view/everything rocked). If you just watched Real World Hawaii (which I didn’t) I imagine you got a very skewed view of what living there must be like. That was probably a four-million dollar home, on a hill overlooking a very private beach. Near to waikiki and downtown Honolulu, but even as we drove passed it the house stood out as unusual…. mainly because it was fenced and had a gated driveway.

I’m babbling… I dreamt we had that house. I even indulged to dream we had a nice pool in that backyard that overlooked the blue ocean… though I won’t swear it really had one. I dreamt there were two sports cars and two motorcycles in the garage, and that we were visited by my friends from work who had all transferred to Honolulu as well. It was a nice dream… but I know the reality of living there is more along the lines of a tiny apartment on a high floor of some ancient building, pre-furnished with 70s style junk, vying over a single parking space that’s next to the pay washer & dryer on the ground floor. Probably taking the bus to and fro, so as not to lose the parking space, and wondering how long until we get the car roaches that are so common over there.

But, after last week at work… I just wanted to say, I wish I was a coconut farmer…


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