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Monday, Monday….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 3, 2003 at 10:57 am by flerly.

Monday Monday so good to me
Monday mornin’ it was all I hoped it would be…

What? Am I on crack? Perhaps.. I think I’m just pleased I did my one week weigh in today and have lost seven pounds in seven days! *does a little dance*

Last night, JT and I went to Chili’s (where I had a big fat steak and double grilled veggies… so fear not that I’m starving myself)… he ordered the typical chips and salsa, that we usually devour, and w/o me eating any I was a little surprised how much was left over. Wanted to say *oink oink* “i’m a pig!” …

Speaking of pigs… watched Simone yesterday… not thrilled with it, but the little movie he made trying to ruin her rep that had her wallowing in mud with pigs and eating slop out of a trough… that was hilarious.

I guess I was in full-on movie mode this weekend… we watched Chocolat Friday night, then Tapeheads and Swept Away on Saturday, then Simone and Ice Age on Sunday. Also managed to catch the Season 3 opener for Six Feet Under, which I wasn’t even expecting to be on. Realized I missed that show…

Anywho… looks like the bridesmaids have chosen and bought their dresses. Guess it’s my turn to go pick mine… Actually, I think I’ll do that tomorrow instead of cheese day. Or.. perhaps after work today. Who knows… I should really wait until I get paid again, but at least I should go pick one and find out how long they need to order it.

Oh well… the attitude is better this week (knock on wood) so maybe I can handle this work week w/o so much stressing and/or cussing.


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