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Good Morning…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at 9:36 am by flerly.

I’m loving this decreased appetite. I think I’m eating out of habit three times a day now instead of being hungry… though the diet plan says to eat something every 4 hours you are awake. Also, I think as long as I stay in supply of this vanilla tea that my coffee addiction may be over. Guess next time I’ll buy the decaf version and work on total weaning off caffeine.

It occurs to me that last week during hell-on-earth at work, I was in the process of giving up sugar entirely and most of my caffeine intake, too. Egad, no wonder I was so stressed.

Oh well.. is today Mardi Gras or what? Anybody going out tonight? I know JamesT and I are up for it tonight… seems like Stacy mentioned Skittles wanted to go someplace. Perhaps we could hook up and play some foosball, too (but i’m not an addict).

Welp.. 2+ years later I’m finally having occasion to sit down and learn Ultradev for an actual work project. The little messing around with it I tried to do on my own netted me about zero retention, so it’s really like starting from scratch at this point. I would say it was the “use it or lose it” notion, but I don’t think I ever learned it well enough to “have it” in the first place.

Today’s mission:
1) bridesmaid dress — must choose, since I’m the last one. Wish I had someone to go with me for an opinion, but c’est la vie.
2) find a place with grilled chicken ceasar salads to go — since i neglected to pack lunch.
3) Wow the universe with my 1337 UltraDev skillz — and try not to fall asleep reading again.
4) Make a plan of action to go out for the night. Buffy is a rerun, I do believe.
5) Surreptitiously check hotmail all day and enjoy random LJ replies. =)

Anyway… best get to it.



  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    I think that’s vaguely – Let the good times roll. I can never remember it exactly. And to think I was planning on living in a city in FRANCE.

    But yes, today is Mardi Gras. I have a bag full of beads from last year’s ball/parade that should be shared. I want to get out and about. I need to party. However, I do NOT need to get drunk, thanks anyway.

    Here’s hoping Ms. Skittles posts about the bar she was telling me about that her Justin was telling her about. But I’m sure there are going to be a ton of Mardi Gras style celebrations going on in bars and pubs and clubs all over town.

    Damn, I want some beignets. It’s only fitting.

    March 4, 2003 @ 2:46 am

  2. laedevalle has made a Comment


    March 4, 2003 @ 3:26 am

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