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the cat NEEDS to be fixed.. ASAP.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, March 2, 2002 at 7:48 am by flerly.

See if there’s a deal on half.com for THAT, will ya?

Dream… the apartment we lived in was more like mom’s house. You had left a laptop in the upstairs bathroom attached to a small video camera… no idea why, but at the same time you were downstairs on your real pc chatting on AOL and the laptop was showing exactly what you were doing. I was dying to get alone in there to watch it, but Kit was there, and she wanted to take a shower…. so I told her I didn’t feel good and needed to pee, and did she mind if I hung out in the bathroom while she showered… she’s like.. whatever… so she climbs in the shower, closes the curtain, then i sit down and take a look at this laptop. For some reason, not only does it show what you are doing right now online, it lets me scroll back in the chat windows and see the history… which turns out to be me rewinding the video camera that has been recording it all.

So I grab up the camera and leave the bathroom and go find someplace alone to watch it. It goes through some clever flirty chats, then it turns into your amateur upskirt reel, like you’ve taken this camera out to high schools and captured all kinda of weird stuff… starts out with the camera panning up to a second story window where this girl’s ass is hanging out, literally, as she moons the whole front lawn. Then it cuts to girls bending over to pickup books, girls getting up from studying on the wall and fixing their undies that have bunched.. etc.. finally it goes to a pan of a girl sitting up from some bushes who is tugging her shirt back on. A moment later we see her stand up and pull up undies, etc, and some guy stands up with her… hence, fooling around in the bushes…

The whole time through the video of the school stuff, I can hear narration and comments by you and some other guys who are giggling their butts off, saying like “Check her out” .. etc. All of a sudden after the bushes stuff, it goes to a live scene, I can see all you guys leaning on this wall, scoping out the school yard, with your little camera stealthily in hand. I’m right there with you, but you don’t seem to notice, so I watch and listen and you film more…. I dunno wtf high school this is, but all they do is primp and pose and get half naked on the front lawn, I’m thinking. So then I turn to really look at the school, I don’t recall the name, but I could see it in my dream.. and I’m thinking that this place must be near your work… because this bright sunny scene I’ve stepped into looks like a lunch break… so you and the “guys” from work probably head over here about quitting time for a few laughs until lunch break is over. It all seemed logical.

Next thing I know, the scene cuts, like I was still watching it all through the camera, and we (you, the guys and I) are all leaning by some bushes across the road from the school, and it is apparently time for school to let out shortly. There are these big not-too-friendly looking crossing guard women around, who don’t seem to have noticed us yet. So as the doors open, you just start filming, catching each girl with some kind of zoom as she comes down the front steps… you’re filming to see what cars they get into, and suddenly you are noticed by the crossing guards who immediately decide you’re a bunch of pervs and threaten to call the cops. So I step forward and tell one of them that we are waiting to film a specific person as she comes out and finds her birthday present waiting in her assigned parking space… etc etc.. and it’s a good excuse and they buy it, and suddenly we are live and you hear me talking to the guard and you realize I am really there somehow… so I have bought you a little more filming time, but the guards are close enough to hear the guys giggling over things and notice you filming every girl, and they get all menacing again. This time as they start to come for us, we are nearly surrounded by a school crowd who has made it across the street on their way wherever… So, I grab your hand and run into the crowd, you kinda duck down as you run, and we’re suddenly trying to blend in with the kids and have left your co-workers behind… we break through the crowd on the other side finally, and take off running and it looks like we’ve made it, until we notice one of the guards getting into a car to come after us. So, we run into some building and run directly up some stairs to the top floor then proceed to go out onto a balcony and jump from balcony to balcony back down to ground level, so we lose the guard that was coming up the stairs after us. I’m skipping over here, but in the dream, this part took a long time and was way scary…

Finally, we made it to where you had parked your car, except it was your old silver gallant with a black car bra on it. We hopped in it and you drove us home, and we didn’t speak. You asked me how I’d found where you were, and I tried to explain about watching the video camera at home, and you didn’t believe me and got really mad at me for “spying on you”.. then I tried to tell you that I had saved your butt, and that your co-workers were probably all gonna get into trouble back there, but you wouldn’t listen. Then when we got home, Kit was still there, just finished with her shower, the laptop was still in the bathroom showing your pc downstairs, and the camera was gone. So I brought Kit in as a witness, that the camera had been hooked up to the laptop and she remembered it and told you. So then we all rewind the camera in your hand and what is on it is exactly what i saw, with me never appearing in the shot… and none of us can explain it. We decide I was astrally projecting or something, then we can’t decide if i’m me or still the projection, so we go to find me asleep in the bedroom, and I go over to my body and when i touched it, I woke up.



  1. infinite1der has made a Comment

    That’s pretty wild. I seem to remember several dreams where I was either looking through someone elses eyes or was just out of body. Either way, in my dreams when I would see myself, my dream would revert into another about how it was possible for me to see myself. Do you remember if/how you reacted when you saw yourself? I wonder what that means… guess it’s time to head to Barnes and Noble for a quick look at a ‘dream dictionary’.

    March 2, 2002 @ 2:19 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Maybe we will have to go look for a book, because I can’t find anything online about it. All I have found says if you see yourself as a participant in the dream, then it is important how you look to yourself… younger, idealized, whatever…. never said anything about dreaming that you realized it was impossible to be watching yourself. And God forbid you try to look up dreams about astral projection…. ugh…

    I’ve dreamt I was a player in my own dream rather than looking out of my own eyes before, and I’ve dreamt I was looking out of someone else’s eyes, but I think this was the first time I’d dreamt that I was out of my own body and got to see my body.

    March 2, 2002 @ 5:31 am

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