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Weekend Update without any SNL personality

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 10, 2003 at 9:49 am by flerly.

I’ve been a slacker all weekend. No journaling. Almost no time on the computer at all. Felt kinda good.

Friday night was cheese night. Tiger said she was so proud of me for resisting all the foods there I’m not allowed. Believe me, it was tough. Stuck to water. Again.. tough. I’ve been good for two weeks straight, though. The entire posse made it to cheese, and even without alcohol, it was a good night. There was much laughter… he didn’t even look good in a bathing suit… and the peppercorn had to be the two crowning laughter moments. Usually I get the feeling that we are being so loud we annoy people, but this week, an older couple that had been at the next booth actually stopped to say goodbye to us when they were leaving. “We really enjoyed hearing your laughter,” the woman said. That was so nice.

Saturday… was moving day. Tried to help Jim pack a little, don’t think I did too much. Fetched some food for the gang. Basically lounged about watching the last two DVDs of the Dune miniseries I bought (for CHEAP) and watching Trading Spaces. Managed to read several chapters in one of the computer books I got, which pleased my sense of achievement, even as it made me feel retarded for things I didn’t know that I really should have. Can you feel like a relic at 31?

Sunday… the boi loaded up and headed out in the Uhaul for Jimmy’s Big Adventure, which I’m sorry to say seems to have been a rough one. He refused all attempts at help, though. And well… I had other plans… since I’d already turned down visiting mom over them, I couldn’t very well drop them to drive to Charlotte to help boi unpack.

So, at 6ish, the leather-clad joined me (the plaid-clad) for pulse-pounding trip to see Audioslave. *drools on keyboard* JamesT said, “Don’t let her do anything crazy like climb up on the stage.” Fat chance of that in that crowd. I took the digital camera, not that I anticipate any pictures turn out worth a damn. Waiting in line.. what a line… we got to gawk at the tour buses and muse on.. well, those girly things like how hot Chris Cornell is.. when I noticed a lovely platinum colored Corvette parked nearby. I paused in mid-sentence to verbally drool over that car. “I want one of those… in fact, if Chris Cornell could come by and pick me up in one of those, that would just about be the perfect day.” I was hoping to see some of the “toys” Audioslave is rumored to take on tour with them, but if they had their motorcycles, they must have been in a trailer or at the hotel. Happy to say Tiger has caught “Cornell fever” as she told me at the concert, “I sure would love to eat some milk chocolate pudding off that man’s stomach right now…”

Besides looking.. really.. good.. for his age… they sounded great. Acoustics in the Tabernacle are strange, and by the sound of their opening act Drowning Brides? Drooling Brides? I dunno.. some funkified preppy-looking bunch of rockers.. I was prepared for the concert to suck.

Anyway.. wow.. it was good. Enjoyed it. Bought the T-shirt. Two other items of interest… bartender was complaining about having to pour EVERYTHING into plastic cups, at the band’s request. Nothing to throw at them, we figured. Secondly, Chris Cornell told the crowd that they were going to be a band for a long time, make lots of records, and visit Atlanta often, and that we should “save up our Creed dollars” to spend on some real music.

Heh. Okay then. Werq beckons.



  1. grathog has made a Comment

    I am new to your journal and appear to have joined at one of the crappier times in your life. I like your writing style and thought processes so I am going to friend you – hope you will do the same in return 8)

    Good deal about the concert and sorry about Jim


    March 10, 2003 @ 3:21 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Au contraire… the only crappy thing about this time in my life is this stinking diet — but it’ll be worth it if I get to wear something slinky in Vegas this summer! Work sucks, but whose doesn’t, and it’s really a love/hate relationship. Boyfriend is rocking. The cheese posse is rocking. Life is good….

    I’m just a whiner. =)


    March 10, 2003 @ 3:26 am

  3. grathog has made a Comment

    *Laughs* Excellent 8) Well good to have you on my friends list – why does your work suck btw?

    March 10, 2003 @ 3:50 am

  4. flerly has made a Comment

    There’s not time enough in this life to spell out why my work “sucks”. Best I can do is chronicle the suck, as it happens, in this journal. =)

    PS. Did I mention I’m a whiner? =)

    March 10, 2003 @ 3:53 am

  5. grathog has made a Comment

    I think you did mention that *Laughs* Okay I will pore through your journal like some journeyman scholar later and divine the reasons for the suckiness 8) In the meantime, I hope it improves as much as is able 8)

    March 10, 2003 @ 4:36 am

  6. flerly has made a Comment

    Okay I will pore through your journal like some journeyman scholar later and divine the reasons for the suckiness

    See that you do! I mean.. er um… quiz later. I mean.. er um… yeah. I’m in a goofball mood today. And, btw, curse you for mentioning the evils of coffee… ever since you said that my stomach’s been rumbling and cursing my name for having a cup this morning. And, well, for having a second cup when I went back for water and found the evil chocolate cake someone had brought in (curse this guy I work with’s wife for taking cake decorating classes). I started drinking the water… looking at the cake.. and thinking, this isn’t going to cut it. Must have more coffee to kill evil urge for cake. So I did. So now it rumbles. My precious….

    Gee, I’m just full of curses today. Plenty to go around! A plague on YOUR house.. and a plague on YOUR house… no crowding now…

    I think it’s time for lunch.

    March 10, 2003 @ 4:47 am

  7. grathog has made a Comment

    Daaaamnnn that is a lot of curses *laughs* Especially for people bringing in cake! I am normally bestowing heartfelt thanks to anyone who will feed me. Now see what you should have done was have the coffee WITH the cake 8)

    I am feeling a slight bit goofy myself today so you are in good company. Can’t be a lack of sleep to blame.. I slept a LOT last weekend and I do not sleep a lot very often. Probably my body fighting the flu bug from hell that has everyone around here laid out.

    March 10, 2003 @ 6:10 am

  8. tchad has made a Comment

    it’s Burning Brides who are opening for them 😛

    March 12, 2003 @ 5:05 pm

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