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Am I allowed to run screaming from this building?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at 1:49 pm by flerly.

It was not the best day to go bridesmaid dress shopping. OMG I need a trim, my hair is getting nappy. I’m afraid I was mental about what I ordered, but I ordered something. I wish Angle were online to consult… though all sales are final, so I guess I’ll go back to wishing I’d had a cell phone while I was in the store.

With the other girls having picked their styles, I had mine narrowed down to two, both of which turned out to be the same price. I ended up going with my gut instinct and the first one I wanted, but I can’t help but wonder about it. But… all sales are final… so I guess this is a decision I should just put behind me.

Notes to self, though, in light of my dress choice … start that Self 8-weeks to tone arms routine.. ick.

On the bright side, I was pleased to fit right into the dress size I had to leave partways unzipped last time I tried them on. Of course, with my luck, when I get the dress in that size (in 6-8 weeks) I’ll have to have it altered.

*sigh* but now… after a very convenient (right next to David’s Bridal) Schlotsky’s lunch to go… the purchase is still weighing on my mind. Work is piling up around me, but I’m in some sort of denial stage where I don’t actually acknowledge it and stress. Somewhere around the edges of my brain I know I have so much shit to do… yet all I can concentrate on is.. not being here.


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