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all this standing around shouting “rabble! rabble!” isn’t getting us anywhere…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 9:49 am by flerly.

Two days remain in this week. Two days to finish two very large projects that, well, I haven’t started on. That’s a day each. Most of my hair should be pulled out in time for cheese Friday night. Should work now, but must vent first.

Oh how sweet, Rukhsana and her husband took a trip to Niagra Falls and she brought me back a little gift. What a sweetheart she is. I must remember to get her a thank you card.

Well, it caught up with me.. the lack of sleep. I was so tired when I got home from work, all I wanted to do was curl up in our booth at Chili’s and sleep, but I made myself work through it. In fact, made myself stay busy until nearly 1 am. Then I lay down, with the full intention of reading or watching tv to get sleepy, but turns out, all it took was turning off the light and I was out. Did not hear poor James (stressed over computer foul-ups all night) finally come to bed, and I do believe I woke up in exactly the same position.

S-K-R-E-W-D up taping Angel last night =\ Seems I rattled off the wrong channel number to sweet JamesT who set the VCR to program everything. Of course, my faith in my memory skillz allowed me to goof off on the computer until it was nearly over, before I went downstairs and noticed that it was coming on 13 and not on 6, as I had thought. Yeah, so, parties I was responsible for taping it for, let me just say the last 10 minutes or so sucked and you didn’t want to watch it anyway. =\ Keep telling yourself that until I figure out another way to get a copy. That reminds me, I meant to buy a new VCR tape anyway.. the one we have sucks from repeated use.

My what wonderful new teas I inherited. I’m enjoying a delightful Vanilla Almond right now, and I took a Vanilla Carmel tea home. These are Bigalow brand leftovers of teas Mr. Churchill purchased before he decided to become a tea snob and only drink brands you have to order online that can’t be found in stores. His loss, my gain. This is gooood.

Plans for tonight: must do dishes, must vacuum main floor & dust my desk area & shelves, must sort through the leaning tower o’ mail & magazines I have accumulated on my desk, must put clean laundry away, and must launder new piiles. I guess we can forego Thursday movie night since we saw Old School on Tuesday. I think Knockaround Guys came in from Netflix anyway… perhaps I’ll watch that tonight.

Oh.. another household FYI, the TV on the main floor… the one with the mysterious “sometimes it doesn’t really turn off” problem… well, it has now developed a “thats not really a channel” issue, and if you want to watch something, you’re going to have to punch the channel number in directly. Everytime you plug it back in (after it doesn’t turn off) it will try to autosearch channels, and out of the.. oh say.. 80 or so coming in on cable there.. it will find 6 of them, three of which will be snow.

Well, it’s almost 9:40 and no Marc. Perhaps he did decide to take a sick day today like he said. How nice.. it will be too quiet without him… SHYEAH.. too quiet. Here? Man, I ranted at lunch yesterday about how pissed off I am to be so covered up with URGENT crap that I can’t even think straight while in the meantime I get to try to work with my headphones blaring to cover up the noise of account management’s loud and lengthy discussions about whatever reality show they’re all addicted to. And didn’t the cheese posse just learn that reality shows are not appropriate work conversation? Perhaps I should ask them to stop. Shyeah.. AFTER lunch had to deal with Patrick’s muzak blaring out of his grade-z computer speakers from the other office. Sounded so bad couldn’t even tell what it was.. just sounded like maybe they were filming low budget porno in the account management office, so I didn’t dare to go over there and ask them to turn it down for risk of seeing something that cannot be unseen.

Hrm.. that’s it I guess. You can move along now. Nothing more to see here.



  1. birdoprey has made a Comment

    Screwed up taping Angel? How dare you! I got a word of advice for you though, change the way you watch TV, TIVO!!!

    March 13, 2003 @ 3:13 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    don’t i know it. How long have i wanted a TIVO… Just haven’t committed to putting the money down for one. And well, I have this VCR already… it’s just my mental deficiency that tries to dictate from work the schedule of 3 programs on 3 channels that i want to record that causes me to give the wrong channel number to him. Can’t blame JamesT.. he doesn’t watch any of the stuff (he’ll read that word as CRAP, not stuff) i asked him to tape, so not like he’d have known.

    C’est la vie. God bless the tv channel on IRC.

    March 13, 2003 @ 3:17 am

  3. grathog has made a Comment

    Buy a digital VCR card for your computer. I picked one up recently for $50. Basically turns your computer into a TIVO unit.

    Sorry your day is kinda sucking btw.. I would say the only place left for it to go is up but whenever I think I’ve hit bottom someone throws me a shovel and tells me to start digging and I just don’t want to invite that kind of bad luck into your already cruddy day.

    March 13, 2003 @ 4:10 am

  4. voltbang has made a Comment

    What he said. You need TiVo. It’s the future, time to catch up!

    March 13, 2003 @ 4:21 am

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