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well, we’re up early..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 17, 2003 at 9:28 am by flerly.

For a change, JamesT had to be up earlier than I did. He’s signed up for some optional training classes and has to be there 8:30 to 5:30 for a couple days… ewww. But, on the bright side, I slept well and managed to wake up easy enough. I’m feeling dehydrated from this whole weekend, and can’t get enough water today.

To recap… Friday, mentioned over lunch that I didn’t think we were doing regular cheese, and were instead going to do something closer to Skittles then go out for a Friday night birthday sort of thing… Jason is actually interested, actually wanted to partake of an alcoholic beverage on a Friday night, so he followed me downtown at around 7, where we hit the new joint, Aloha Sushi… which was pricey, and as it turned out, didn’t serve alcohol yet, but it was okay, because the server thought Jason was one of the girls and told us “Right this way, ladies,” and we all chuckled. From there we stopped by little five in an attempt to hit Junkman’s Daughter or Psycho Sisters, but both had just closed. So we trekked across the street to the Star Bar to see the Elvis stuff… they were of course not yet officially open, but were kind enough to let us gawk at their Elvis goodies. I also put in a buck and made a wish, Stacy, but I bet you won’t guess mine.

Well, then we headed back to Skittles, where we sent Jason off into Midtown to find his way home with warnings to watch out for men with rainbow bumper stickers. Stacy said something like as women we couldn’t get raped in this neighborhood walking around naked with money taped to us, but Jason had better watch out. Shortly after Kit’s old college roomie Adam, tres cute, showed up, so we headed to Paul & George’s to “goth up” for the evening at Kit’s chosen celebration location: Club Kink. New joint, supposedly spinning tunes on Friday night which was “vinyl night”. I think Jason would have joined us if he’d had advance warning that the night was an occasion for him to put on the makeup and black nail polish again, but oh well. As it was, Adam, Paul & George donned their makeup & “nail varnish”, black, vinyl, pleather & dog collars abound… I was feeling like the normal one in just a plaid skirt & lace shirt… but at least I had easier access to go to the bathroom than say, Skittles, who discovered that the only way she could pull those tight vinyl pants back up afterwards was to do a version of the Elaine dance from Seinfeld.

Well, after a long stint in traffic, where it seemed Skittles was enjoying some additional shots of ta-kill-ya while she waited, we arrived at the Club… where we avoided valet by driving back behind the scary buildings into the “rape-me/kill-me” lot. Lucky there were six of us, so it wasn’t SO scary. Actually, as scary as we looked all gothed up, onlookers probably would have pegged us for the “rapers/killers”. All the better.

Of course, after seeing the big sign about “Ask us about our Bachelorette Parties,” I had to, of course, ask. I was introduced to the manager who gave me a tour of the upstairs, where the parties get their own special food tables, bar, and some sort of device to strap down their slave for the night, which Club Kink of course provides, male or female, he informed me. Your slave will wait on you hand and foot and whatever all night, and you can do anything within our guidelines to your slave. Well, now. Isn’t that special. Have to say…. no thank you, but to him I said, we’ll think about it. So, he liked me and kept saying hi the rest of the night, including politely asking me to please take my drunk friend back downstairs when I followed Skittles upstairs. Not sure how much of the night she remembers, but allow me to remind you of the good parts, Skittles, it was cold and raining and that was my skirt you were pulling up repeatedly AFTER you had already doused me TWICE with that cup of red bull. I warned you at the time I was going to kill you later.

Well, after I went back inside to tell the others Paul had taken Kit home, we stayed for a bit longer and actually had some fun. The song she had requested for George came on, so we danced.. yeah, goth danced, which Stacy described something like just swaying and jerking at random, and then babbled to each other for a while. I actually had a pretty good time. I guess it was the shared trauma we experienced of averting our eyes from the huge woman on stage that brought us closer.

Anyway.. after a bit of confusion trying to track down Adam’s car key’s from Paul’s car, managed to get home, say hi to JT and pass out asleep by 4:30. Was up again by about 9, when JT came home early, and lounged around eating breakfast & making phone calls until it was time to get ready for the Car Show. I kept telling myself I shouldn’t have gone, because one, i was really tired, and two, i probably had five hours of in the office work I needed to do. But, of course, being so tired, I couldn’t make myself go in on Saturday. So instead, enjoyed the car show, went to PF Chang’s, then went home to watch Saturday television. Was exactly the relaxation I needed, because I managed to get up Sunday morning and make it to work. It was probably actually better on Sunday, because there was no one there most of the time, and I could blast my cd and get things done quickly. Horace & Tammy came in before I left, though… together.. same car… didn’t want to ask.

Also, watched Rules of Attraction last night, which I have to recommend. It wasn’t what I expected, or I should say was a hell of a lot better than what I expected. It’s a little on the disturbing side, in that Donnie Darko or Pulp Fiction sort of way.

And as for St. Patrick’s Day… I guess we need to make some plans. Have no idea what’s going on in town tonight, but I have a feeling Skittles will have some thoughts.

Welp.. almost time for the conference call to go over the site I came in to do on the weekend.



  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    hmmm, what was YOUR wish? Your guess on what I wished worked great! :-p

    March 17, 2003 @ 3:11 am

  2. grathog has made a Comment

    Quite a night! I am jealous 8P

    March 17, 2003 @ 3:25 am

  3. flerly has made a Comment

    well.. i KNEW my wish for you had worked out, girlie. KNEW it.

    Mine? well.. i don’t think I wanna tell that here.. might put undo pressure on the concerned parties, and it’s just a “wish”.

    March 17, 2003 @ 3:34 am

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