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Let’s gripe about work, baby…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 21, 2003 at 9:27 am by flerly.
  • Get an email.. “can you do this?”.. sure, but i’m busy, turn it in as a rework. Next day, get an email, “can you do this now? it’s a rework, here’s the number, make it priority.” Um. yeah, glad to see you’re able to follow scheduling procedures.I might have done that rework already if I didn’t have to waste time reading urgent emails from you.
  • Get an email full of graphics revisions to a site designed by Jay in Hawaii. I reply, “why aren’t these revisions being sent back to the designer?” the reply, “because they have to be done by 3pm today and I don’t have time.” My reply, “hope you have time to do them yourself.”
  • Get an email, “conference call at 2pm, be there, it’s for the NC folks who are unhappy, everyone be there.” Get an email, “rescheduling for 3pm, everyone be there.” Get an email, “we need to meet about half an hour before that conference call to go over some things, so let’s make it 2:30, everyone be there.” Get your shit together, people.
  • Guess wot.. another thing I worked on yesterday that was broken wasn’t my fault, I did nothing but pass back three or four emails saying it wasn’t my fault, and lo and behold it got fixed and it wasn’t my fault afterall. People, read your emails.. Kramer says he’s implementing new code on such and such server and if shit breaks on that server, to let him know. Instead, shit breaks, they let ME know, I say.. what server is that.. it’s the one Kramer is working on, i say, tell Kramer.. they say, but why? so i remind them about the email, so they say SURELY what he’s working on wouldn’t affect THIS, i say, SURELY it would because i sure as hell didn’t change anything and it was him or me. So they FINALLY go tell Kramer, he fixes it, and I get to enjoy my wasted time.

“Hey guys! Leprechaun, Pot O’ Gore, 5 DVD collection only $45 on sale now!” — Kramer.
“Oh, I’ll rush right out!” — Billy

TGIF. TGIF. TGIF. TGIF. I may be mental, get the net.

Tonight on the A-Team: Face spots the cook from the A-Team’s days in a Vietnamese POW camp. He had helped them at the time, so the team feels obligated to return the favor, when they find he is in danger from drug runners. Murdock’s Fixation: Another example of Murdock’s empathy with inanimate objects. After visiting a golf course he worries about the plight of Golf Balls for the remainder of the episode. Quote: “You think we like being shot around this course. We don’t! We don’t! This is a warning from the golf ball liberation front. Leave my people be!” — Murdock

Well, it’s 9:24 am and “The MarcTM” is nowhere to be found with my psd file that must be edited by 3pm. Perhaps rats chewed through his tires, ala Willard.

I think what the world needs now is music. Think I’ll turn some on, quit babbling, and at least move the piles of papers around on the desk for a while in a pitiful attempt to imitate working on a Friday.


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