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“I feel like I did some mushrooms and then a bear ate me…”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 24, 2003 at 9:37 am by flerly.

People who get to work before 9 AM sure get to sit through some crap. This morning, it’s me listening to the vultures… er.. I mean, the account managers picking offices and where they want to relocate to now that “spaces have opened up”…. which is a pretty bad euphemism for “we just fired several people.”

I fucking hate sitting here trying to drown out voices with headphones. Fuck it, today, I’m just turning on the desktop cd player, until somebody complains or tells me where to move to.

And.. I was in such a good mood… not… Weekend wasn’t bad, cleaned some. Still have more dishes to do… which makes for load THREE… egad, we can use the dishes when we want to. Still have more laundry to do, but I think we’re down to towels, so that’s not too bad. Got some good JT time in, which always makes me feel better able to face the day. Everyone needs a little dose of porn-anime to make the weekend go by, eh? Well, it wasn’t too high on the porn list, but it was a pretty funny characterization of men’s enslavement to their hormones, I guess. JT is all like, “It’ll give you a real idea about how men think.” I’m like.. “yeah, knew that already, thanks.” *grin*

Blah.. anyway.. seems like the layoffs were not common knowledge here. Also seems like Jim H. may have caused a new development, other than just taking a paycut to save Kramer’s job. Word is Kramer WILL be back today, and word is that Jim H. will be “vacating his office soon.” Details remain to be seen.

Well, best to at least look busy today, since official word about who’s in or out still hasn’t come out. Was thinking tonight might be good Trivia night, but I dunno. JT will be gone for a couple days on the bike for a trip to Chattavegas — his grandparents PC beckons, so he must answer the call. And, with the weather being fabulous, he’s itching to get out on the bike. So, with him gone, I guess I don’t have to worry about dinner plans, but it would be a good night to finish cleaning and get the house together.

Right now, though.. can’t decide if I want to do lunch with the engineers… and listen to them gripe about work… or just go to Ross and buy some slinky, too short, summer dresses. =\


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