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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 10:21 am by flerly.

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a possibility that some high profile people in the FNIS organization may be dropping in for a surprise visit tomorrow or Thursday. We are not certain of this which is why I term it a “surprise” visit. Just in case, we need to make sure our areas are clean and tidy.

Paul H.

What, do we live in filth usually, on the verge of being devoured by rats until management sends out one of these emails telling us to “tidy up!”

Sorry.. this just bugged me. No, *warning — dress up for a couple days* … just the implication that the slobs need to throw out the piles of pizza boxes and mountain dew cans we have stacked into little forts. Oh wait.. we don’t have those. Perhaps they mean I should throw away all these papers on my desk….

I live to serve. Bye bye reworks.


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  1. anonymous has made a Comment

    [10:26] Marc: do I detect some animosity
    [10:26] Kim J: i’m not bitter
    [10:26] Kim J: just bitchy
    [10:26] Kim J: there is a divine difference
    [10:26] Marc: true

    March 25, 2003 @ 3:20 am

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