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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 2:39 pm by flerly.

Funny rant… should have been by Jason.

WHY i ask you WHY am I in a good mood today? Did I just run out of pissiness? I don’t understand it. COULD be because JamesT is on his way home, meandering on his two-wheeled-death-machine on a leisurely back-roads trip home on this lovely day.

Damn I need a helmet. What am I saying, DAMN I need a motorcycle of my own.



  1. aoide has made a Comment

    This could be bad. It is possible that this is the last day of the world as we know it. why you ask. I will tell you. I TOO am in a good mood. Hhmmmm.

    March 25, 2003 @ 8:54 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Hang on while i got outside and see if the sky has turned blood red or something ominous….

    No… apparently not. Weird. Are you SURE you’re in a good mood? Hrm. Maybe I’m not then. Perhaps just horny and mistaking that for good. =)

    March 25, 2003 @ 9:13 am

  3. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    …if i hear screaming, cat-in-heat-like moaning, and breakable things falling off of walls, etc., i am to assume that all is well in the house, and that i should not come a’knockin’?

    March 25, 2003 @ 9:39 am

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