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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at 11:24 am by flerly.

Since I haven’t done it in a while.. my horror-scope: Sometimes you have to do things twice to really learn them. You don’t mind. You like getting your hands in this. It’s a great way to learn things and to mention meet people. Did you plan it to happen this way?

Hrm. strangely this has some meaning to me, but .. wouldn’t it probably have meaning to anyone, being a generic horoscope.

*sigh* i dunno what this mood is. 11 AM funk is what I think we’ll call it. Wish I’d managed to get up in time for breakfast. Wish I could crank this cd up louder. Wish people here weren’t so busy that they could chat more. Wish my hair didn’t look decent only on the last day before it’s so oily i must wash it. Wish Kitty wasn’t such a little jealous suckah up on my boyfriend all night. Wish I had a bigger cd selection here at work. Wish they had a better Atkins friendly menu at Baileys. Wish Buffyfan & Adult Swim communities weren’t spammed so hard they make me miss posts from actual friends until days later when I am so bored I choose to scroll back 100 posts or so. Wish I had some lotion that smelled half as good as that coconut smelling shampoo I have.

Wait.. i just got handed a big fat new company employee handbook which seems to be causing some controversy. Best check it out.


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