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just for the record…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 4, 2002 at 9:31 am by flerly.

Had the strangest dreams this weekend.

Last night, dreamt I caught an hour long news special about Q-bits being a huge rip off. I don’t know what the heck apartment I was supposed to be living in, but it was totally 70s, with a little silver color tv, the kind on the spindly legs, with the rabbit-ears sticking out the top. Remember being stunned when I heard the announcer say what was coming on next. NO! Not my beloved Q-bits!, i thought in horror. Then by the time I finished what I was doing to get in to see the broadcast, I had missed the beginning. The picture was in grainy, faded out color, and the news anchor looked like a young John Cleese doing the news on Monty Python, slicked back hair, thick black glasses. He was saying something about them being total shite and then he got up and walked to the piles of q-bits arranged behind him. (For the totally uninformed, q-bits are little pieces of modular furniture, in essence, which you buy the parts you want and put them together into cool arrangements… most of them are cube shaped, hence… q-bits.) Once the anchor got to the q-bits he proceeded to bash and kick on them, causing them to fall apart with almost no effort. They didn’t just come apart into separate q-bits, like you’d think, instead each q-bit splintered until the whole set was just a pile of rubbish. The whole thing reminded me of a Monty Python sketch… and I remember thinking that I needed to call so we could mourn q-bits together.

On my Post-Hedwig-fun night, had the strangest little dream about shopping at Target (the makers of Q-bits), except when I went to look for the q-bits, there was just a big empty aisle. Then I realize it isn’t totally empty.. there are what looks like two giant clams on a shelf, and I realize (in my dream) that those must be the new clam shoes that James was talking about… so I rushed to put the last pair into my cart, thinking the whole while how happy James was going to be that I found him some clam shoes. I was already picturing in my head how he would look walking around with his feet spread wide apart with the clam shoes on. Suprisingly when I told him about the dream I had the next morning, he wasn’t too impressed with Clam shoes afterall.

Anyway… I guess the anticipation/stress of getting a tattoo has gotten to me, because I have remained a total pizza face this week. Really not looking forward to having to go two weeks without a nice hot bath to soak in, but considering where this tattoo is going, that’s gonna be bad for a while. Will have to sneak one in today pre-appointment I’m thinking.

Oh well… have overwhelming pile of work to trudge through, best get to it.


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