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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 28, 2003 at 10:14 am by flerly.

[10:06] theflerlyone: omg.. it’s not just the agents. my co-workers may be retards, too
[10:07] theflerlyone: i just had an email battle back and forth with a project manager (Kari) here to send me the attachment that an email she sent me SAYS it has but doesn’t.
[10:07] theflerlyone: I’m like.. you forgot to send it.. she’s like.. no i didn’t, it wasn’t much to look at…
[10:08] theflerlyone: so I’m like.. well, you can’t send me a rework that says “do a site based on the design in this attachment” then send me no attachment.
[10:08] theflerlyone: so i ask her if they changed her mind, and she said no, the attachment is what they want still, so I’m like.. okay then.. SEND IT to me, I’m not psychic
[10:09] theflerlyone: so she sends it and it’s an itty bitty jpg of a couple brochures sort of fanned out, maybe twice the size of an LJ icon.. can’t tell shit about the “design” …
[10:10] theflerlyone: so I’m like.. so, knowing this attachment was shit, you of course requested they MAIL us the ACTUAL brochures to refer to, right? and she’s like.. no, why should i?
[10:10] theflerlyone: so i told her do what she wanted, but not to hold her breathe until this rework was done.
[10:11] theflerlyone: sorry.. /vent


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