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today marks the end of week five…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 31, 2003 at 11:18 am by flerly.

Did I cheat a little last week? Maybe. I added a little rice to the diet on a few nights, but no sugar, nothing evil, no buttery dinner rolls or cheesy bread from Red Lobster. Sourdough toast once. All good low carb lifestyle choices…. so why am I not pleased?

I already ranted this morning in the Atkins community, so I’ll spare you guys that. Just wanted to officially post that I plan to kick up this diet by adding some serious weight training in for AT LEAST the next 30 days. My motivation/schedule/energy levels have been so blah that I consider myself lucky to have lost the weight I have with barely any exercise involved. Might as well say none, really. I think I wanted to focus on eating right and not deal with the other food cravings I get when I work out. Well, five weeks of proper diet ought to have established a routine, it’s time to step up to the next level.

*sigh* work is… blah. Tiger got AIM at work now, so that’s potentially cool. I already let her in on my cheese present idea for this week, just because I’m feeling mental and in need for a second opinion. She seems to think it’ll be cool, so I’ll go for it. May go at lunch today and get stuff.

This weekend was… lazy. Didn’t do jack. JamesT is headed out of town for the night again, so I guess it’ll be a good night to hit the gym. Why do I feel all weird about working out when he’s around? I’m sure he encourages it… but.. I dunno. I’m mental. It’s a thing.

Fleetwood Mac tickets… coo.
Can’t find health insurance card … ghei.
Playstation is fixed… coo.
It’s Monday… ghei
It’s payday… coo.
My mind is a sieve today… ghei
I’m so bored… ghei
I was late, so I’ll have to work late… ghei

i want to go play foosball but not stay for lunch, but they’ll want me to drive them there…. so it’s either skip or go. although i hear we may do early cheese today since Billy is going out of town tonight and won’t be back until the 15th. I really think I need the retail therapy… but if JamesT will be gone tonight anyway.. maybe I’ll stop at target & old navy on the way out of here.. sicne it’s so convenient. Goody’s too.

Oh well.. end of the month wrap up time. Best get to it.


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