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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, April 1, 2003 at 9:39 am by flerly.

These five words in my head scream
Are we having fun yet?

Yes, thank you. I have funny hair today. Ha ha. Let’s laugh. I just felt like it.

So, depressing evenings all around last night it seems. Everyone was in front of their PC chatting away at boys who are dumb, and who should really be herded together and put in some sort of quarantine camp so they don’t spread their germs. Oh, I’m not talking JamesT… he was out and about in Chattavegas, and it seems I missed him online last night. I’m talking about the local retarded boys, who can’t come up with two words to say to you in person all day, yet sometimes when they get you online they can’t shut up.

So anyway… I am overwhelmed with blah here. I need a mood enhancer (this morning I’m trying orange soda). I think coffee is evil, and only makes me more blah. And I think I’m putting the headphones back on today so I can crank up the music instead of sharing it softly with those around me via the CD player.

Well, at least I solved The Mystery of the Happy-Happy-Fun ATM Card last night… what do you know.. Wachovia sent me a new card with their lovely new logo on it, even though my current card doesn’t expire for over a year, and I didn’t request it. You’d think, hey, they just want you to have their new logo card… sure, no problem, but why in the hell did they decide to change my account number on the new card, huh? I’ll tell you why.. just to fuck with me.

Oh it’s all solved now. I have the NEW active card in my wallet today, but I’ll probably be spending the rest of the morning contacting all those people who I have set up to autobill me to that check card every month that will now be declined due to the change. Thanks, Wachovia. I hope you can see this. I’m doing it as hard as I can.

Whadaya know… long, lost niece from Bristol way who gave me her AOL name 100 years ago just signed on for the first time I’ve ever seen her online. Of course, now my AIM name is different, so I will message her and she’ll get that message “an AIM user is trying to contact you” and she’ll think I’m porn spam or something. Figures.

I think it’s time to wander around the office and look for trouble.


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