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No, these are not supposed to be Princess Leia Buns.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, April 1, 2003 at 4:45 pm by flerly.

Half of what I say is meaningless
But I say it just to reach you…

WHY does this feel like Friday? Then everytime I think about it, boom, I realize it is merely Tuesday. I think yesterday’s early cheese threw off my rhythm, or else it’s some cosmic April Fool’s gag. Ha ha! It’s only Tuesday! *Pbftftftftftft!*

When I cannot sing my heart
I can only speak my mind…

I farging missed JamesT online again. Talked Greg and Jason into extending our lunch at Bailey’s for a couple extra games, and end up coming back too late to even say hello. Just have to be content with a message saying he’ll be home late tonight.

Okay. I’m hungry and it’s not funny anymore. I skipped breakfast. I had four bites of a less than appealing salad for lunch, and I’ve got no cream for my vanilla tea to even make that. Guess I could stomach some w/o cream… bummer. Man, I really need to go to the store tonight, now that i have a functioning ATM card again.

And now for some humorous work crap…

James: Promotion & sql3 have been off since Friday. Has anyone missed them? If not I will be pulling them out of the racks tomorrow.
Greg: I miss them…*sniff* They were my friends.
James: Well, I guess I’ll just have to store them in your cubicle to keep you company.
Greg: Nah, I think a clean break would be best. Any suggestions on how to break
them? I propose a sledgehammer.
Anthony (in his best Hulk voice): ME SMASH!!!!!

Here’s where I suggested we all go get those Incredible Hulk boxing gloves and have some fun today. THEN.. and then.. and then.. I suggested a GREAT April fool’s joke for engineering to do, but they wouldn’t go for it. See, I seem to think it would be funny for us all to head out the back door quipping “We’ll be right back” and just all go to Bailey’s to play some pool until management goes home.

No dice, though. I wish there weren’t so many people around so I could work on my posse presents.


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