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Hi, we’re mental.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 2, 2003 at 9:44 am by flerly.

So, I was a good productive girl this morning. I found my new health insurance card, I was all being good about making an appointment for this month with a new doctor since I HAVE to change thanks to my sucko new plan….

Anyway.. so since my preferred doc isn’t on the plan, Humana selected me a new doctor based on relative location to my home address. Sounds good enough, so I call them. They’re nice. They fit me right in. Oh how sweet of them, by the way, am I familiar with their location? I say, your address says Chamblee Dunwoody, that’s about two miles from my house. She says, well, that’s our mailing address. We’re actually on Cleveland Drive. I’m thinking, I’ve never heard of that, must be some side street, so I ask for the street address so I can look it up on yahoo (while we’re on the phone), turns out, Cleveland Drive is right by the South Fulton Hospital, on the opposite end of town from me. Yahoo says a whopping 23 miles across Atlanta from their mailing address. WTF? I want to ask her if she’d like me to stop by and pick up their mail since I’m coming all the way down there, but I can’t help but be shocked. I simply say, wow, that’s very far from where the directory says you are. She says, yeah. It is. No offer of explanation.

So I thank her, hang up. And proceed to print out the entire directory of local providers, so I can try calling for someone else who has an office that is actually close to me instead of just a mailbox.


On the bright side… got my mom’s internet service, my netflix account, and my car insurance all set up to go to my NEW account without too much hassle.. Thanks again, Wachovia. Gee this new check card sure is purty.

Talked to mom last night for about an hour and a half. Trying to convince her to come down to shop with me for a dress for the wedding. She’s like.. We have places to shop up here, I don’t need to come down. I’m like.. Mom, you don’t know from shopping with your “mall” with three stores, all overpriced. If I can get you down here for a weekend, you’ll blow your mind with what you can buy for how cheap.

She went on about how she needs to start working out more, that her endurance is zilch. Apparently all her recent weekend guests walked her legs off, I’m sure without even trying. She is afraid if she comes down here that I’ll do the same, so I just told her… hey, didn’t I get you some workout tapes? You got the time, spend a week or two doing them, then you’ll be walking my legs off when you come down. She just laughed at me. I’m so silly. I’ll always be 12 years old.

As coincidence would have it, long lost Bristol niece (the one who didn’t reply to my IM yesterday) stopped by for a surprise mom visit. Now she and the hubby are set to come back Thursday night and paint mom’s fence, all their idea. Yeah, this niece is.. um.. three? years younger than me… daughter of eldest non-brother.. and she just informed mom she is pregnant with baby number three. They were hoping for a boy, but got girl number three, too. Oh well. They also told mom they couldn’t wait to go to Angle’s wedding, but they’d have to skip the reception, since alcohol will be served.


Hey.. look how long I been here without working!


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  1. goaticusmaximus has made a Comment

    Augh!! Humana is evil! (not even evil with a big “E”)

    April 2, 2003 @ 7:50 am

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