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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 2, 2003 at 2:13 pm by flerly.

Yeah, so …
hopeless flirt
Hopeless Flirt

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Sad, really. Like today, in the midst of cutthroat, when Jason asked for the third time, “Okay, you’re lows, he’s mids, and I’m highs?” before he shoots, I finally replied, “Jason, I’m going to write you a note that says that, and then I’ll put it on her ass, so you’ll be looking at it between shots.” Greg laughed his butt off.

But later, when he decided his strategy of “being nice to people” by not taking shots that would put them out of the game and going for other shots instead was “apparently pointless, and had only served to come back and bite him in the ass”, well… insert hopeless flirt, funny comment there, too.

Friday morning at 9am Billy and Jason are flying to Hawaii for 10 days to pick out places to live for their time there. I’m starting to wonder how they’re going to get along together. Billy has really turned into Mr. Takes Work SO Seriously, which is of course probably why he is being transferred out there. Jason’s just along for the ride.. something to do, different from here, all on the way to “the good life” on a beach some place in Mexico. Sounds a little like somebody else we know. Just a little.

God I don’t want to work. It’s so nice out. Being here is depressing. But, I have some shit I can just DO and get it over with. Make the time go by.


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