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Stim-U-L8 Jones here saying…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, April 4, 2003 at 1:44 pm by flerly.

Did we go here already? TGIF TGIF TGIF … it’s mental Friday, again!

Tonight on the A-Team: Quarterback Sneak. Straining against suspension of disbelief, the A-Team puts together a football team to play a challenge game in East Germany, as cover for smuggling out a scientist and his wife. Guest stars Joe Namath. Murdock’s Fixation: Murdock’s job that week was “Underwear Inspector Six” and he is preoccupied with clothing for the episode. He also manages to work in the number six while posing as a spy in the Line of Duty. Murdock makes a very definite reference to The Prisoner, when he states that he is Number Six and he’s looking for number two. Quote: “And the third traveling salesman says, you can see I didn’t touch your daughter. I can still play the piano.” — Face

I have SO much work to do that I can’t stop refreshing LJ to avoid it, and since people aren’t posting as fast as I can hit F5, I had to take it upon myself to post, just so I can read something new.

Everyone is on vacation.. Billy (and presumably Jason) are in Hawaii for 10 days (to work for only 3 of them), Happy Camper is gone for a week, Jonathan is off today, David Rhoades is on a cruise. Kramer’s out.. Silky’s out.. Greg Washam’s out… so that only begs the question: WHAT am I doing here?

Well, that’s an easy one to answer… I am here, enjoying free diet sprites, playing with my miniature sock monkey, browsing the web, reading LJ, listening to cds, examining annoying white spots of deodorant on my sleeve, working on Angle’s wedding website & browsing her gift registries, examining how weird my nose looks in the distortion of my monitor rear-view mirror as I turn my head slowly, reading future months of dilbert cartoons on my calendar, and wishing I was home playing Frequency some more. Oh, and opening and closing random files, restacking papers, pulling staples out and restapling things back, and generally making my desk look “busy” for the few people who are actually here to see when they walk past.

Gah.. it’s only 1:30?!? What am I going to do for four hours until cheese?

I know… I’ll look up Skittles name…

SKITTLE’s goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Toilet Duq Teapot, Yo.
What’s yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

And now.. i’ll answer the phone.



  1. cahenz has made a Comment

    That animated gif you did is awesome!

    April 4, 2003 @ 6:46 am

  2. goaticusmaximus has made a Comment

    I have 26 minutes left, and counting….. w00t! You kiddies have fun without me.

    April 4, 2003 @ 7:00 am

  3. flerly has made a Comment

    gaw.. gee.. *blush*.. thanks.

    i’m still looking for a support group to help people addicted to making newer & flashier & weirder LJ icons. i’m also starting a petition to get LJ to allow more than 10 icons at a time… i mean really.. SHYEAH.. i can express myself with only 10 icons.

    i really need help.

    April 4, 2003 @ 7:19 am

  4. laedevalle has made a Comment


    April 4, 2003 @ 7:42 am

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