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i’m so fucking sleepy…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 7, 2003 at 9:27 am by flerly.

Give me my hour back. I need it. I want it. Puhlease give it back. Oh, man.. just one more hour would have rocked this morning. Brain was telling me to call in sick or “work from home”, but I knew what a shitstorm that would cause today… and sure enough, I haven’t even walked all the way from the door to my desk when I was yelled at, “Kim, come here ASAP,” … then walking back from that I’m stalked by Jonathan, who comes up behind me with work as I’m turning on my computer. This doesn’t usually happen. This is how busy >I< am this week. Things are depending on me to finish them. Me, solo me. Did I mention me? Why do I feel like Skittles at cheese right now? — Guys, not to interrupt, but we’re gonna talk about me now!

Or, at least I’d like to.. but.. too busy right now.


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