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Well, i’m a third of the way done, so i’ll take a break…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 11:48 am by flerly.

How fun is it to get an assignment to do a mockup for a customer who has already trashed the first mockup done by one of your co-designers. Well, I’m thinking Jay is getting a little swamped perhaps… her points were valid afterall… I mean, can’t rightly fault the customer for complaining that in the mockup for her San Diego website that the skyline used is not San Diego.

Of course, we think the few spring days we have here make us crazy and not want to work… can you imagine trying to work in Honolulu? I’m sure it’s hell to drag your butt out of bed when the weather is beautiful and the beach is calling… I feel sorry for Jay. Wait, who am I kidding. I’m just jealous. Move me to Hawaii, please?

*Sigh* this … wanderlust, I guess, for the beach today is compounded by me working on this San Diego website I think. They want lots of pictures to illustrate the diversity of life in San Diego, and these sunsets and surfers and cute zoo animals are making me want to be anywhere but here. Oh well, one design out of three done… and already praised, w00h00! I like it when people walk by and go, “Wow, what site is that? Did you make that? No way!” .. although, um.. really, what did they think I did over here all day, just fix their crappy typos, change font colors, and perhaps make the listing data display full & half baths seperately instead of just the ambiguous “total baths”…

My job is so dull 99% of the time.

Thus, TGFLJ.



  1. goaticusmaximus has made a Comment

    I have had this insatiable craving to get out of town, for a while now. Hell, it’s been more of an “Get-Out-of-the-Country” feeling. I have been living in the same city for 7 years now! 4 of which, I have been living in the same apartment! What is wrong with me???

    April 10, 2003 @ 6:58 am

  2. cahenz has made a Comment

    I tell people that the only factor I DON’T like about having a creative job is my customers. My life as an artist would be great if I could eliminate ALL editorial control, but since people feel that if they PAY me then I should OBEY them, well, that’s when things get complicated. That’s what’s nice about having your own business. My customer service is very good, but if someone misbehaves too much I give them their deposit back and invite them to NEVER call me again.

    The annoying this is that they rarely listen. The more irritating the client, the less they GO AWAY.

    April 10, 2003 @ 7:14 am

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