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not helping my wanderlust for tropical climes…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 2:16 pm by flerly.

But at least he’s sick while he’s there…
[14:08] Jason Churchill: well, i’m sick. damn. sore throat came to me yesterday
[14:08] Kim J: wtf?
[14:08] Kim J: you’re kidding?
[14:08] Jason Churchill: yeah, sure, freakin hilarious, heh?
[14:08] Kim J: just the climate change i’m sure
[14:08] Kim J: i’m not feeling sorry for you while you’re in hawaii
[14:08] Jason Churchill: muchos gracias
[14:09] Kim J: i was just thinking about you
[14:09] Kim J: when you coming back?
[14:09] Jason Churchill: i was just thinking ‘it’s 8am’ and i’m awake
[14:10] Jason Churchill: i’ll be back into the office on Tuesday (plane gets in Monday at 2pm)
[14:10] Kim J: how ghei. you get another whole weekend there.
[14:10] Jason Churchill: mmm, a few more asian beauties to stare at
[14:10] Kim J: other than sick.. how’s it going?
[14:11] Jason Churchill: fine, i guess
[14:11] Jason Churchill: i gots to go work
[14:12] Kim J: k then
[14:12] Kim J: feel better. cya
[14:12] Jason Churchill: see you


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