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because.. i’m on a roll… or something

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 14, 2003 at 2:08 pm by flerly.

CSM came to town, in the flesh. He travelled in his newly (& not cheaply) repaired automobile, bicycle in tow, down to visit us, or more precisely, his girlfriend Magoo, or more precisely, his cat. He brought videos — ones I’d selected off a list of crap people at his workplace put up for sale all the time. He went immediately to Taco Bell and did not pass go.

As for me? Friday, I don’t remember much after cheese and vaguely seeing CSM had arrived. JamesT left for work, and I do believe I crashed dead asleep. Fun fun, exciting Friday night.

Saturday was supposed to be a trip downtown for the Dogwood festival — I’d even bought some Claritin in prep for the pollen fest. Didn’t quite pan out, though. Instead we ended up having a long lunch, then going shopping for things we wanted but didn’t need. CSM drooled over an X-box, but didn’t get it. JamesT bought anime. I bought DDRMax. We’re all mental.

What happened to Saturday afternoon? Wait.. I remember watching The Thomas Crown Affair, then Rainman, then JamesT was gone again for work, and I was sucked into the TLC Saturday late night spiral, mesmerized by Hildi’s fugly circle patterns on the walls and fabric, mesmerized by Ty on a skateboard, then somehow still mesmerized as Wayne and Stacy tell some law student not to wear her sorority letters across her wide-load ass.

Ahh… soothing television. Tried and true friend, by my side as I drift off into sleep only a half hour away from catching the Superfriends… when’s that going to be on DVD?

Then what, Sunday? Um.. Bruce, Jane, & baby Jack. Lunch on the patio at some bbq joint, while I wished we were next door at TGIFridays. B&J are distgustingly happy to have a drooling 9-week old to take care of. Bruce obviously misses adult social interaction & especially CSM. They torment each other like best friends do, even when they live far apart and barely see each other, and at one point make a hand-shake pact never to put the other on the Sci-Fi Channel’s new “Scare Tactics” show.

And then… we went shopping again, like fools who had money. What were we thinking. Maggie was accosted by a wooden bench at Old Navy. I think she should sue. It’s lucky we both didn’t break noses walking straight into columns, because we were both oggling the big sale signs in the window instead of looking where we were going, reading them aloud in our sexiest voice. Maggie jumped in and saved me from the bench, taking the hit all by herself. She’s good to me like that. She looks out for me.

So getting home at a leisurely 4pm, we find JamesT hard at work cleaning house because, it seems, I misheard that his cousin would be leaving her house at 4pm instead of arriving at ours at 4pm. Sure enough, less than five minutes after I walked in the door, the phone rings and it’s her at the gate. She’s a sweetie, even though Harley Davidson should pay her for modeling their clothes all the time. Same Harley silver flame sandals. Same Harley black shades. She’s a biker chick.

Seems it was dinnertime, I think all I did was eat this weekend, so we hit Chili’s, then took a little driving tour of Atlanta, swinging by “the BP”, where all the biker’s go… all the biker’s were there… she was pleased. Then we headed home, but unable to resign ourselves to the gloom of the basement with such a warm evening out there, we headed out to play frisbee. Jennie never had before. She’s never flown a kite, either. “She’s sheltered,” says JamesT. She doesn’t know who Crosby Stills & Nash are, so I’m thinking she’s just…. well. Nevermind.

Was the fun over then? But no! Darkness meant it was time to try out DDRMax, which kicked ass. Jennie’s going to look for a Dance Mat while she’s here, and I’m going to let her take my DDR PS1 game home. Not that she needs the practice, but… she needs the practice. DDRMax is cool. One person can play using both mats together. Very funky.

Well, that wasted half an hour, and now you’re all up to date on the minutia of my life. Why the heck did you read all this? You must be more bored than I am! Well, since you’re still here… remind me to mail my taxes & Easter cards tonight, will ya?

I think it’s time for afternoon coffee now.



  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    Hey Kim – yes, you are right – I am bored. I live for minute details via LJ. So as a service to you for providing me several minutes worth of reading – don’t forget to MAIL YOUR TAXES AND EASTER CARDS!!!!!

    April 14, 2003 @ 7:25 am

  2. blistex has made a Comment

    I do not understand how they can allow Hildy to continue messing up rom after room. If I were on Trading Spaces and they told me Hildy was my designer, I would run away screaming.

    April 14, 2003 @ 8:04 am

  3. grathog has made a Comment

    That game is addictive as all hell. We played that like crazy fools all Saturday night. Now this is the first DDR game I have had so all I hear about is this song called “Butterfly” that was apparently in the first DDR game .. is it really that good? I am thinking I am going to have to grab some other DDR’s anyway because darn do I ever want some new music already!!

    Anyway. Taxes and Easter Cards – I reminded you 8) Now remind me to help Ilianna do her financial aid papers and to pick up pressies for my moms birthday tomorrow would you? Thanks 8)

    April 14, 2003 @ 10:38 am

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