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OMG.. ouch

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 11:11 am by flerly.

Okay.. 50 minutes on the phone with rambling woman. We had to take the conference call in Jonathan/Patrick’s office because our conference room is full of ownerless laptop computers. Seriously, there are five laptops and all sorts of briefcases and paperwork in there, but no people. Far as I’ve seen, there aren’t any extra people wandering around the office, so I have NO clue what is up. But, just in case people were to return and want to use them, we relocated.

So, Patrick, readers may remember, is a goofball. I like him. He’s tall, skinny, red-headed, and prone to burst into song for no reason. He was instructed to sit quietly at his desk while we used Jonathan’s desk and phone for the conference call. “Sit quietly” is perhaps the wrong instruction to ever give Patrick. Moments after Jason started dialing, Patrick announced to us that he had recently been diagnosed with Tourettes, but he would try to keep it down. He did not, of course, manage to keep it down. He was, thankfully, far enough away from the speaker phone that rambling woman didn’t hear him, but Jason and I were hurting trying not to laugh. I bit the fuck out of my lip.

Result of that conference call… she’ll email me what she wanted to tell me because she decided she rambled too much for the call to be productive. But, was it 50 minutes wasted? Well, yeah, it was. But it sure was fun.


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