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doesn’t that just figure..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 10:46 am by flerly.

“We open at 8:30 and it’ll just take 10 minutes maybe” actually translates to “we unlock the door at 8:30, but the nurse doesn’t get there until 9, and then she’s going to want to do her own thing for a while, so she’ll make you wait at least 10 minutes before she even asks you while you’re there.”

“Well, we’re going to need to give you a pregnancy test before we can give you the shot.”

What the? “Fine,” I say.

So I submit to pee in her cup. She takes five minutes before she even goes in to get it for the test. I’ve already told her twice I was supposed to be at work by 9, and this was supposed to be quick. Apparently that pisses her off. Lo and behold it’s negative, and she starts getting the shot ready.

“Have you had this shot before?” the nurse asks me.

Hrm. I see you haven’t looked at the chart, or you’d see I’ve been getting this shot for over four years now. “Yes,” I said.

“When did you get the shot last?” she asks.

Um… aren’t you the medical professional? Don’t you have this in my records? What, are you really the cleaning lady? “Last time was January 10th,” I said. “I’m supposed to have 7-10 day leeway, so I should be good. Not really sure why I had to have a pregnancy test first, since I’m not overdue.”

“Oh, the doctor just wanted to be sure, since this is your first time getting it with us.”

Uh huh. Then why did the doctor tell me “it’ll just take 10 minutes, stop by before work, no problem”. RGrrr. Fine then.

This all ticked me off. Especially when I had to pay another $10 copay for the visit to get the shot that they TOLD me I was going to get with my doctor’s visit on Tuesday. Hell, on the receipt I signed for insurance on Tuesday, it even said “Depo” like I’d had the shot. But, whoops, after a half-hour of waiting for the nurse to just run in and give me the shot, they finally tell me, “We don’t have any in stock. We’ll have to order some UPS, and you can come back.”

I have to say, though.. I like this doctor. She was cool as hell. Nice, friendly to talk to, despite implying I was some kind of sexually promiscuous depo-whore, but her nurse and staff suck ass.

/end rant.

My phone won’t stop ringing. It was ringing when I sat down at work (at 9:45 damnit), but lucky me the short in the phone line caused it to hang up when I answered. I kinda like this sucky phone. Too bad she called back. It was rambling girl, who I now find out is also, ends her phone calls abruptly girl.

So I promise her to do one more mockup by lunchtime. A minute later Jonathan is bugging me for his stuff to be finished by tomorrow. I already have two other things promised for tomorrow. Minutes later DavidR informs me Carmen’s email is down, so he’s having to fax printed out emails to her and that she wants me to call her to explain something I thought was solved yesterday, and can I do it now.

Ugh… Hi, it’s 10am, and I just had a pissy morning on top of getting a shot from a new doctor who I have yet to find out if it’s the dosage that is going to give me a kick-my-ass headache that will make me rage on all of you impatient fuckers. Here’s hoping it isn’t. If it is, I think I’ll call my last doctor and find out exactly what brand they used.

Grumble… what I really meant to post about was the really nice evening JT and I had last night. Went to dinner, then up to Malibu Grand Prix to use the batting cages–which I’d never done before. I suck. I want to go back. =) We threw in a round of mini-golf, then JamesT bat one more time. It was such a nice evening out, but eventually the go-kart exhaust fumes were overwhelming and it was time ta go.

Home was a little DDRMax action, very little… I suck at that, too, apparently. Kept picking songs I couldn’t finish until my legs turned to jello. Then managed to squeeze in watching taped Angel then a couple Daria’s before I passed out. I do believe JamesT stayed up to watch the entire movie Clue, though. In my dreams I could hear Tim Curry’s voice, “Then you got a letter, and you, and you, and you…” or “And you were here, and he was here, and Ms. Scarlet was here” … I love that movie.

Anyway.. phone, ringing off the hook. Best get on with work shit.

PS. Ugh, should have brought some allergy medicine to work. Eyes watering… so.. bad.. can’t see.. monitor clearly. Going to be creating some fuzzy graphics today…


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