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well, looks like we’ve solved one mystery…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 2:19 pm by flerly.

i WILL be calling my old doctor, as the headache from hell sets in after this new dose.

Cuss. Just for spite (to spite the headache) I ate a few of the fries with my chicken at lunch today. Boy were they good little carbohydrate laden comfort foods. Now I want chocolate & cheesecake and or chocolate-cheesecake, with caramel, and bailey’s, and all manner of other assorted evil sweet things. Will resist. Did bring some low-carb peanut butter cups, so I’ll make do with those.

*sigh* Want to go home and crawl under the covers, but… will persevere.

On the weird news front, Hawaii wants Jason & Billy out there by May 1st, now. And, it seems, they want Greg to visit next week to see if he’d like to relocate out there AND Greg is thinking about it. That’s a suprise because he at first put his foot down to say no way, but it seems he’s reconsidered.

All I have to say is… “Hello?!? Remember me? The chick who’s been telling people she wanted to move to Hawaii since she came back from a visit there 2 years ago? The girl with the big Hawaii picture and a freaking hula girl on her desk? The one who probably would have moved without the offer of relocation? Yeah.. remember me? Why didn’t I get an offer to go yet?”

Perhaps I should put up some anti-Hawaii propoganda around my cubicle area and they’ll decide to move me out there to sway me. Cuss.

I’m headachy and not making sense.


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