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so.. yeah.. and

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 4:52 pm by flerly.

Welp, it’s official, I’m missing JamesT’s first Bellsouth softball game right now. Not that I needed to go, but the notion that I could be sitting outside in the park right now instead of in here pretending to be working is pretty appealing right now. Just made me wish I’d asked off to go or something.

*sigh* I dread the notion of sitting here until 6:45 just to get in my 8 hours. Think I’ll leave like normal at 6ish. Problem is, I’ve been trying to get with Paul Hatcher for over a week so he can give me details on a freelance side project he wants me to do. I found it funny that David Camp also approached me yesterday about doing a freelance side project. It all pans out, I should have some needed extra money soon. That’d rock, since I’ve been doing a lousy job of saving for the Bachelorette party, let alone saving any dough for Vegas.

I’m throwing dough at every other concert or event I hear about, it seems, even trying to organize a trip to the Cheetah, which cannot be cheap. That probably won’t happen. Hrm.. hitting this Live song reminds me I’m already committed to spend dough on Music Midtown, too.

Damnit, it’s at least an hour before I can leave here. What the heck can I do that doesn’t require brainpower….

Perhaps I’ll organize this new stack of reworks by date. Yeah, that’ll work. And turn the headphones up louder. Yeah. And refresh the heck out of LJ and hope it’s not just more entries about Dr. Atkins dying.


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