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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, April 18, 2003 at 1:49 pm by flerly.

[12:10] bsdnjamest: yca
[12:10] bsdnjamest: cua
[12:10] bsdnjamest: cya
[12:10] bsdnjamest: damn

it’s been one of those days all day long… oh mah gawd, let me bore you with today’s pool report.

The other day, I did so well, I had Greg on the floor, sucking his thumb, and rolling under the pool table to hide, he was so upset. I apparently used all my “good pool” karma that day, because today, for the first half hour… let’s see… I accidentally sunk the 8 ball early, Jason scratched on the break, I scratched on the break, Jason scratched on the break, I scratched on the break… then we manage to get a clean break, then sink nothing for like 20 turns.. neither of us.. open table… I was ready to cry. Finally we decide to play speed pool and stop thinking about it. 5 seconds to line up a shot or skip your turn. We suddenly got “better”, which wasn’t hard, but still not good. Then.. we finish the second longest game in history, see that JamesM and Kramer are still playing and decide we can finish another game in the time they have left if we speed pool again. Again, we played better. Clearly we both overthink our shots and screw up.

It was really embarrassing. Jason tried to shoot using the one ball instead of the cue at two points, and I kept leaning over and knocking balls around with my elbow trying to make shots. It was like we were in pool hell. We both questioned the existence of the world outside and wondered if perhaps we’d died in a car accident on the way to Baileys today.

So anyway.. I need alcohol and I need it now. Have yet to start on the big fucking thing that has to be finished before I can leave today, due to the other fucking things that have to be done today. Cripes, people.. more warning of your shitstorms would be appreciated.


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