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Oh, was it Easter?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 21, 2003 at 10:17 am by flerly.

Yeah, I remembered. I know it was Easter, but it was just another day. JamesT worked until noon. We went out to eat — we always do on Sunday. We went to see Anger Management. We came home and goofed off in front of the tv .. we managed to catch Family Guy on Adult Swim — good thing, since we sure don’t own the DVD to watch it at our leisure. What was special about yesterday? Well, we bought a coconut for the hell of it, cracked it open, peeled out all the sweet meat, then grated it up into a huge pile of fresh coconut. Most is still in the fridge. A bit went into our Sunday night Pina Coladas.

All in all it was just another emotional roller coaster of a weekend, as in.. too many beautiful people to contend with for a person who is still too uncomfortable in her body. I’m really just a freak.. Music Midtown, aka Skinfest, is so close now. It’s not going to be pretty for me. I’m going to do that girl thing, where I’m there, smiling perhaps, seeming to enjoy myself, while inside I’m crying and depressed. With all those notions being thrown around of going to bike week, too, color me all the more moody. Why would I not want to go? Let’s see… it’s at the beach, ie, bathing suit possibility, there will be booth girls, aka, tanned, skinny sluts in hotpants, smiling at every yokel that walks past them because they’re getting paid to be interested.

Yeah.. time to shut up. Not feeling great this morning for some reason. Moody as hell, apparently, as well as just generally upset. Well, I have managed to be here since 8:30 and not do any work whatsoever. On the weirdness front, Billy is finally back for a day or two, running around being loud and, well, being Billy, and I find that I dread his stopping by. I have no desire to interact with him, and almost wish he were already gone for good. I think the antisocial gene is kicking in.


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