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butterfly boy is back…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, April 25, 2003 at 10:52 am by flerly.

that is, the one who always comments on my butterflies, or lack thereof, as the case may be today. “oh, but you’re always wearing at least one, aren’t you?”

yeah, well. Today, for the second day in a row, he is causing me extra work, as in, causing me to have to cut & prep graphics from Hawaii, so he will have stuff to build sites from, instead of waiting the six or so hours for the Hawaii business day to start to get them to cut them.

Apparently, though, I have gotten pretty good at cutting & prepping grahics (two years of repetition will do that for you), and he is now chastising me for not taking long enough and allowing him goof off time. He complained that he didn’t even get time to really laugh that he had caused me more work. And now Marc is complaining because I went ahead and created an animation for the top banner, too. (just made sense, all the frames were in there, just needed to be put together). He’s complaining because he wanted to do it himself. “Jeez, you already did that? This morning?”

Actually, that’s the only way I survive in this joint. They have no concept of how long it takes me to do anything. They estimate hours for minutes work, and really they can just keep on doing that. That is how I get all the LJ goofoff time.

Well, it’s Friday. It’s cheese day, and it’s creeping up on lunch, too. I’m sure it’ll be another bad pool day, but hopefully at least it’ll be another long lunch. The less time I have to sit here today, the better. I’m SO ready for the weekend, and looking forward to the Comedy Club tomorrow night with work folks and the lovely and talented Girlblah. Think it’s going to be a pretty small group.

Oh well.. time to wander around the office and revel in Fridayness.


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