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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 28, 2003 at 9:38 am by flerly.

Hrm.. has anyone perused the Dragoncon guest listings for this year? No Laurell K. Hamilton, no Timothy Zahn, but we’re supposedly getting James Marsters and James Leary (Clem!), Luke Perry, Roddy Piper, oh lord.. Kevin J. Anderson… *drool.. sign my Dune books*… David Carradine, Jeez.. George Lazenby? Did anybody see that James Bond flick? Tanya Roberts & Marc Singer? Beastmaster flashbacks… Man, there’s so many more on the list. I’m just *gah* reading this list of people and their credits. I remember walking around the autograph room last year drooling with joy at seeing all the Star Trek people in person, but wasn’t quite (make that nearly) enough of a fangirl to shell out the cash for autographed pictures. Who’s got time/space/dough to collect every little thing.

I babble. It’s Monday, it’s “end-o-the-month” rush, and i’m still lingering sleepy from yesterday. No new news on JT’s grandmother. We did manage to make the visitng hours at the CCU to see her. They aren’t going to run any tests until Tuesday. Meanwhile, JT was half-asleep zombie boy, so I got some driving time in his car. I can so get the hang of that. We did remember to pick up his step-mom’s golf clubs for me to use (took 10 minutes to clean off the dust, so I think she won’t miss them). Perhaps if the weather stays nice we’ll hit the driving range tonight for a lesson. I’d still 10X rather practice tennis, but what the hell… let’s try something new.

Chattavegas was apparently plagued recently by “gangs”, as it seemed a near-riot broke out at their local amusement park, Lake Winnie. Apparently, when the park decided to close early to quell the fighting, they found out there were like 500+ 10-16 year olds that had just been dropped off at the park, had no money, no phones, no way to get home. Well, these 500+ stranded “teens” were dumped out of the park & parking area and ended up blocking up traffic on the street and filling up the parking lot of the only business nearby, a gas station. All the kids pouring in just hanging around scared the gas station attendant. Paper said 50 law enforcement officers were called in to handle the crowd of kids. And now, Lake Winnie is implementing a new “no one under 21 without an adult” policy, to ensure that large groups of unattended children don’t cause a riot again.

Why does this remind me of the Monty Python sketch about vicious gangs of old ladies?

On another note, had a weird dream about JT and me trying to find somebody to snap a picture of us that we could use in a wedding annoucement. We were crashing all sorts of events, parties, even Angle’s wedding, trying to get somebody to do it. It was… well, weird. We’d just been talking about how putting a wedding annoucement in the Chattanooga paper after we get back from Vegas would be the funniest way to let his family in on it. He was thinking he’d just send his mom a video or something, but I think the annoucement would be better. Subtle. Hell, they may miss it. Wonder if the paper would run a picture of us with Elvis?

Blah.. even with coming in on Saturday, there’s still a pile of stuff that needs to be done here ASAP. I feel the coffee kicking in, so I’d better get to it.



  1. bingothemonkey has made a Comment

    Are you eloping? Really? If you do, definitely let me know how it goes. That’s our plan. . .eventually. . .once we’ve been together a bit longer. But per my prior lj post, only if he shaves that stupid soul patch.

    April 28, 2003 @ 7:42 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Eloping. That’s just a funny word. We’re just two people who think that if you’re going to spend a fortune to get married, you might as well spend it on yourselves and have some fun. Neither of us ever wanted a “wedding”, even though being together as long as we had, getting married just seemed right. So, when he “proposed” to me, all he had to say was, “What do you think about a trip to Vegas this summer?” and it was perfect. We’re being very realistic and casual. We did get wedding rings, which we were picky about. We do plan to tell people… after, but at all costs we must avoid the family entanglements that us “being engaged” would cause… namely, the insistance on a family/church wedding. That’s just not us.

    Maybe we’ll have a party when we get back, but I can do without the stress of planning any sort of wedding. In fact, I’m getting all my wedding planning out vicariously through my niece right now. I get to be her maid of honor about a month before we go to Vegas. The more hassles/stress/money etc that goes into her wedding planning, the more confident I am that Vegas is the right thing for us. Plus, well, the only thing in the world that could have swayed me to have a wedding ceremony with family would have been my Dad wanting to walk me down the aisle. Without that being an option, Vegas is the only way to go. Or, well, Maui. That was option two, but Vegas is already booked.

    I babble. Sorry.

    April 29, 2003 @ 4:00 am

  3. bingothemonkey has made a Comment

    Oh, you’re not babbling. Besides, even if you were, I’m the Queen of Babble, so you’d be in common company. I’ve already been through the trials of one big wedding I didn’t want, so I’m not going through another. Paul doesn’t have any family, really, and mine is a massive pain in the ass, so there’s really no point. Plus, we’d fight about the religious thing. He is, I’m not. I didn’t have to have a church wedding the first time, thank goodness. He just wants to surprise me with a romantic, whirlwind trip to City Hall or whatever. It’s fine by me. We’re not engaged, but if it goes that far, we’re definitely doing it by ourselves on our terms. You’re right – what I wouldn’t give for the cash my parents dropped on that wedding. For a marriage that lasted all of two and a half years.

    April 29, 2003 @ 7:06 am

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