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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 28, 2003 at 2:14 pm by flerly.

How do you play foosball again? Gah.. it’s been forever since we went to Sidelines for lunch. Made Jason drive–the truck–since I’m watching out for mysterious oil leaks. No drips yet, but I’m watching. Today, tomorrow, Wednesday going to be Hectic work days with a capital Heck.

Owwie, my shoulders are sore. Pushups are evil.

[13:40] Kim J: So why did you end up staying here so late Friday?
[13:41] Jason Churchill: trying to fix something
[13:41] Jason Churchill: I just sent MJ an email requesting a flight to HI and a hotel for May 9th.
[13:41] Jason Churchill: god i’m nervous about this move.
[13:42] Kim J: why on earth?
[13:42] Kim J: nobody here likes you. you might as well move someplace nice and start over. =P
[13:42] Jason Churchill: no car, no place to go if i found myself in need, no one to turn to.
[13:43] Jason Churchill: just me and my luggage
[13:43] Kim J: sounds exciting
[13:43] Jason Churchill: sounds detrimental
[13:43] Kim J: i’m getting you a blow up doll for a going away present, btw, so you wont be lonely
[13:43] Jason Churchill: oh gosh, thanks
[13:43] Kim J: thoughtful AND functional.
[13:47] Jason Churchill: so, i’m going to go out there and just lose it, and a lot of people are going to end up dead, and it’s going to be all the fault of FNIS
[13:47] Kim J: sweeet. remind me to subscribe to the hawaii newspaper
[13:47] Kim J: why on earth would you lose it THERE versus here?
[13:48] Kim J: out there you’ll have bikini clad babes on all sides, you should be happier
[13:48] Jason Churchill: because THERE I will be a stranger in a strange land.
[13:48] Kim J: that is such a true statement for you.
[13:48] Jason Churchill: here, I’m just a strange man in a non-foreign land
[13:48] Kim J: you’re not too strange.
[13:48] Jason Churchill: i am strange!
[13:48] Jason Churchill: i am i am i am!!!
[13:49] Kim J: yeah, but you’re good strange
[13:49] Kim J: as in not boring
[13:49] Jason Churchill: and, fortunately for those close to me, non-homicidal
[13:49] Kim J: if you don’t want to go.. just don’t go
[13:50] Jason Churchill: I’m an andy coffman kind of strange
[13:50] Kim J: so you like wrestling girls?
[13:50] Kim J: wait.. who wouldn’t
[13:50] Kim J: do you burst into Mighty Mouse lyrics spontaneously?
[13:51] Jason Churchill: no, I don’t like wraistlin girls, I like jack beach:
[13:51] Kim J: man.. he looks like bruce
[13:51] Kim J: like an old bruce
[13:52] Jason Churchill: who in hell esta bruce?
[13:52] Kim J: hahaha.. i’m sending this to bruce and telling him i found his younger twin…
[13:52] Kim J: friend bruce.. guess you never met him… oh wait, you never come over when invited, so you wouldn’t have
[13:52] Kim J: man i was pissed at you Friday
[13:52] Jason Churchill: why so?
[13:53] Kim J: just cuz you were a no show — again
[13:53] Jason Churchill: upon leaving here so late, I was pissed too, but not at you
[13:53] Kim J: i should just say i was disappointed
[13:54] Jason Churchill: well, if’n it makes you feel any better, i was disappointed also


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