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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 9:46 am by flerly.

i think Maggie’s retelling of her strange half-sleep dream last evening inspired some strange dreams of my own…. I spent most of the night attempting to write good epitaphs for people. My own, JamesT, the posse, Jim, people at work… then it was mom, and suddenly I was very sad that I couldn’t do something great for her. In the dream I was standing in the cemetery, looking at her headstone and furiously trying to come up with something that would fit on it. At last I looked over to dad’s stone, thinking i could do something similar to his, but it was blank. Then I spent the rest of the dream trying to remember what it had said and wondering why the rest of the writing, his name, the dates, etc, were also disappearing before my eyes. I knew all I had to do was remember what his epitaph had said to make everything right again–as in nobody else would be dead and need those epitaphs, that it was really all about daddy.

Yeah, so, I guess it was probably inspired by watching Spirited Away last night, which I will admit I liked, but Mag & James may laugh at me.

Anyway… today, perhaps I shall go seek out a motorcycle helmet to purchase. And if I do get one, it had better damn well be as nice an evening tonight as it was last night.


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