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I think I’m sick..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 10:40 am by flerly.

Headache lasted all day yesterday. Luckily I was too busy to notice it most of the day, but boy when I started the drive home it was excruciating, along with the lump in my throat I’d developed. Got home, realized I was running a fever, too, threw an icepack on my head, and fell dead asleep for a while. Managed to wake up to eat something and watch Angel, then I was out for the night.

Angel was… blah. Can’t believe we’re so close to the Season Finale. I still like these shows, but somehow I’m just not in the mood or something.

Well, I spent this morning trying to decide what the right thing to do about a particular freelance project I was offered was. Came to the conclusion that I could not do the job justice in the time period he had just because I wouldn’t have the time with everything going on these next couple weeks. PC at home sucks anyway, so I’d be stuck working on it from work at night or something. Just wasn’t up to it. So, I did the right thing… I passed it on to Greg’s wife, Jennifer. She says she has the time and she sure could use the money right now. I just got through emailing the guy my apologies and her information. I hope it works out okay.

Ugh.. these flowers were nice, but I think they’re making my eyes water. I’m never happy, huh. Turns out, it was a very sweet new account manager (not local) named Kelly, who I worked my tail off last week & this week for trying to get her first customer’s web site online. She apparently thought I went above and beyond normal duties, which just means she apparently didn’t know i always get asked to do that. I appreciate her thought, though. The flowers have prompted all the local people who swamp me to be nice and thank me more. So, I guess it just wasn’t that they were reading my journal, but I figured it wasn’t that… I doubt I’d get flowers if they had, probalby just fired. =) One can only dream….

*sigh* Well, there is quite a lot on the work agenda today, so I’d better get to it.


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