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we got death star…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 6, 2002 at 2:29 pm by flerly.

New work projects falling into my lap like rain…. is that good? Yeah, guesso… Job security? Probably.

I can tell I’m missed when I come back from a long stretch of work at home… get TOTALLY harassed all day by goofy people who won’t let me work. WHICH is fun, but is also my main reason for working at home so much… too many distractions here to really get in depth on something. When you don’t have a door to close, you really just can’t keep people out.

LOVE this freaking song… always puts me in the best mood… stupid Star Wars Gangsta Rap. It just makes my day when it comes up in the queue. Think i’ll hunt down weird al’s The Saga Begins… it should be in the list someplace, too.

Welp.. after 2pm and the boss is still occupado, so no “work at home schedule” meeting. He’ll probably wait as late as possible… of course I need to stick around here late some day to redo my voice mail message… perhaps I should take myself out of the directory. yeah… that would rock.

Oh well…better mix me up another gin and tonic.. things about to get ugly.


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