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I’ve got Mom on the IM!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 12, 2003 at 9:54 am by flerly.

Marking this day on the calendar… mom is actually having a typed conversation with me! She hates IMs, but she didn’t just type “love you bye” and sign off when I said “morning!”

*sigh* Oh well. That was short and sweet, but nice. I sent her all that Avon stuff instead of flowers, and it looks like nobody sent her flowers, which sucks. Going at lunch today to Ross to see if I see any dresses she might want to wear for the wedding. Anything that doesn’t fit I can just return after the wedding.

As far as pre-wedding checklists go…. eradicated my roots and evil gray hairs yesterday, and I think I’m pleased with the result. Color ended up a little on the auburn side all together, but what the hey… my mother wouldn’t know me if my hair wasn’t orange. I need to look for some kind of jewelry to match that dress, and I can’t decide if I like my hair up or down with it. The color is growing on me, though. I found some lipstick that matches really well, and I’m starting to like those white sandals with it. Still hate my flabby arms, but what the hell.. people are used to seeing me this way, why should I worry so much. Still dieting, still trying to tone them up with weights, if nothing dramatic happens in two weeks (which I don’t expect) then this is what I’m going to look like, might as well deal.

Sometime this week I’m going to work in: 1) getting a nice manicure 2) buying some sort of strapless, push up, give me a fake rack kinda undergarment so I don’t look like a 12 year old in that dress. 3) pick out a wedding present for Angle & D. 4) pick out a maid of honor gift 5) think about a good toast 6) get together with the posse and drag them to Insurrection to help me pick out embarassing bachlorette party stuff. Still haven’t hammered out plans for next weekend, but we’re good at winging it. If it’s just angle and me for the day, I think i’ll spring for us both a trip to the day spa to chill out… either that or some retail therapy.

When is a diet pill worth $153 a bottle…

When it has to pay for the cost of being advertised 15 times an hour seven days a week?

Did a little phone message tag with JamesT yesterday, which was enough to know he made it to SC safely and he’s sweet enough to tell me he misses me even though he’s surrounded by Hooters girls, biker babes, and booth flunkies in bikinis. Wanda was at cheese Friday night and I mentioned to her he was going to Bike Week, and she was all, “so long as you don’t go with him… ” Well, I’m not, but I sure would have liked to.

Instead, I am here trying to organize and prioritize and accomplish all that work I didn’t do over the weekend, again. Just felt like getting some posting in first, since I may not have much time later. Did go dancing Friday night. Should have known drunk Skittles would have been cause of embarassment… interrupting a show at Backstreet to get me a chair and wave me over was just inviting harassment. And I’d forgotten how much I actually dislike going dancing when you end up with some freak all up in your business trying to dance with you. Apparently all some guy has to do is ask your name, and if you tell him, that’s the okay signal to hump your leg on the dancefloor. Now, I had a great time the couple hours before guys starting wanting to dance with us, but… well.. that’s why we went dancing at Backstreet, because there the guys dance with each other and leave us alone.. usually. So, after the first leg humping started, we excused ourselves to the bar, then I excused myself to my car. Good thing, too, because I needed that Saturday with JT before he left town. It was nice.

Oh well, coffee’s going cold. People are starting to hover. I’m sure there is work to be done.


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