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so i left…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 12, 2003 at 2:39 pm by flerly.

work sucks. tired of hearing them talk about me. tired of walk up traffic. Decided to work at home… so went to Ross and got Mom two dresses over lunch. Stopped at David’s Bridal for a bra & some jewelry. Then headed home…

Ran into some hoodlum online…
[14:24] Jason Churchill: hey baby
[14:24] Jason Churchill: tired as hell
[14:24] Kim Johnson: not my fault
[14:25] Kim Johnson: howzit?
[14:25] Jason Churchill: I told Jonathan Barnes to get you out here (behind Camp’s back)
[14:25] Jason Churchill: I’ve been walking my ass off
[14:25] Jason Churchill: blistered & chaffed feet
[14:25] Kim Johnson: poor thing
[14:26] Jason Churchill: so, 5’ish last night, I bought a $450 road bike (Speciallized)
[14:26] Kim Johnson: find a real place to live yet?
[14:26] Jason Churchill: There are a few places I’m looking at
[14:26] Jason Churchill: one is really nice & new, but it’s $900/month, & is a little bit further from the office (still very doable though).
[14:26] Kim Johnson: road bike.. like.. a scooter or a bicycle?
[14:27] Jason Churchill: bicycle.
[14:27] Jason Churchill: i.e., not a mountain bike
[14:27] Kim Johnson: gotcha
[14:27] Jason Churchill: i’m feeling a lil homesick
[14:27] Kim Johnson: already?
[14:28] Jason Churchill: yeah,
[14:28] Kim Johnson: well don’t, because it’s distgustingly hot today and the air is so thick you can see it
[14:28] Jason Churchill: gosh, it has been lovely around here
[14:28] Jason Churchill: made the walking tollerable


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