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well now..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 12, 2003 at 9:15 pm by flerly.

I have spent the whole evening on the phone. Three solid hours. Mom, Sis, & Niece. I’m in a great mood now, even though I realize I missed dinner. So what.. I’m not hungry anyway. On the down side haven’t started on my closet project, but on the up side niece is coming up FOR SURE. I’m splitting the cost of a plane ticket with her, but it’s so worth it. Pointed my sister to a Ross in Birminham that she I hope she’ll get to visit this weekend AND committed to taking a motorcycle course second weekend of June with Jessie. I’m SO excited I forgot to tell JamesT about it. Will have to take a half day from work to make it, but should be fun!!! Now I really need a helmet! And boots…

Anyway.. babble babble.. I don’t want to sit here and lose momentum. I’m feeling energized and happy. Time to go clean out that closet. Just wanted to post the news for the posse… Bacherlorette Party night is ON!



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