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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 12, 2003 at 10:29 pm by flerly.

OMG the clothes I have that I’m getting rid of. I just filled seven garbage bags with crap that I simply don’t wear. No wonder the closet and bedroom always look like a tornado hit them. I’m not sure how much of this stuff you really want to go through, Skittles, but you’re welcome to.

Sat down to take a little break and ended up chatting with the Hawaii boy again…

[22:13] Kim Johnson: you’ll find somebody soon
[22:14] Kim Johnson: you need an apartment… get settled in.. then you’ll get social
[22:14] Jason Churchill: no I won’t. I’m riding around on a bicycle. god, I was almost embarrassed last night
[22:14] Kim Johnson: you’ll be in good shape though.. from riding
[22:14] Jason Churchill: I had just bought the bike & walked out of the store, & I had bags of stuff on either handle.
[22:15] Kim Johnson: =) i can picture it
[22:15] Jason Churchill: and one of the bags kept hitting the front wheel & stopping the spokes
[22:15] Jason Churchill: & I was trying to cross the street on a ‘walk now’ signal
[22:15] Jason Churchill: but I couldn’t get the bike started
[22:16] Jason Churchill: & these two asian chicks in a little red car were giggling at me
[22:16] Kim Johnson: =) well, that’s one way to get noticed
[22:16] Jason Churchill: & so I climbed off the bike, and walked it, with the spokes getting snagged & stopping the bike every few seconds
[22:16] Kim Johnson: you’re going to get the reputation as that weird biker guy
[22:16] Jason Churchill: & then my sandle flew off
[22:16] Jason Churchill: in the middle of the intersection
[22:16] Kim Johnson: lol
[22:17] Jason Churchill: so I had to manuever the bike with the bags while I tried to get my sandle back on, in the middle of oncoming traffic
[22:17] Jason Churchill: like i said, i was ‘almost’ embarrased
[22:17] Kim Johnson: you poor thing
[22:17] Kim Johnson: that sounds like something i’d do


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