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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 5:22 pm by flerly.

How hard is it to look at an address label and see an apartment number, then actually deliver the package to the correct door? Even if you can’t actually READ “2321-E”, perhaps you can at least hold the box up to the door and see that it looks like what is written there. Apparently Fed-Ex just doesn’t have enough time to waste figuring out if the box they left laying outside a door actually belongs to the people in that apartment.

So, I’ve been watching for Fed-Ex all day. I’ve been compulsively checking tracking information. I see the truck pass the front windows… but it doesn’t stop. It stops at the mail center. Fine, I think, they’ll leave it in the mailbox or something. So, few minutes later I grab shoes and head for the mail box. Nothing. So I go back and check tracking info. About a half hour later, it is updated to say “delivered”, and knowing it wasn’t damn well delivered to ME, I ASSume it went to the front office. So, I drive down there to check. Nothing there. Now, I’m figuring they delivered it to the wrong door, so I hop out of the car and start checking all the doors in the building… sure enough, I spy with my little eye a package left lying on a doormat. I wander over to check it out… it’s got my name and apartment number all over it.

Relieved to have found my package, I cuss the fact that I paid over $25 to have this shipped to me by illiterate retards as I walk back to my apartment.


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