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It’s Crazy Wisdom time…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 10:32 am by flerly.

Morning, boys and girls. I want to go to Hawaii. (There’s a shock!) I want to wake up and see the beautiful blue sky stretching away in every direction until it merges with the beautiful blue water, both so blue you can hardly tell where they meet. I’ve dreamt about it constantly. I have a map of Oahu on my wall that I refer to frequently, just to keep the general locale of places I went fresh in my mind. It’s been two years this July since I was there, but still last week one of the Hawaii visitors gave me directions about where the FNIS office is located there, and I’m like, “Isn’t that right by the mall?” and he was impressed.

*sigh* I babble because Jason has been there six days and has yet to venture within site of the beach to look at the ocean. I can’t fathom that. I knew he was mental while he was here, but he just keeps reinforcing it.

Blah.. I’m still vaguely cheerful. Must be the L-Tyrosine…. Have a lot of work to do today and tomorrow, but it is all coming along. I’ve gotten better at telling folks to bugger-off. I’ve also had time to find a really cool little website which I find very interesting to read: 3FatChicks.com, all about women’s health and dieting.

Oh well. Walked out to the car this morning to the tune of thunder and lighting. Traffic was a crawl, so even with my half-hour earlier than usual start today, i was still 20 minutes late for work. Staying away from coffee, too. It’s on my list of things that stress me out, so it’s time to cut it out for a while.

JamesT is due back today. He says he bought actual rain gear for the bike, so can’t wait to see that. Still scary to think about him riding three hours, into Atlanta traffic in this crappy weather, but he’ll be fine. Wonder if he’ll get back in time for Matrix Reloaded tonight before he has to go to work. Bruce called to see if we were going last night, but it was a girlz night at the Love Shak, and we weren’t going out. Pizza and tv and conversation. Really nice night. Here’s sending Stacy some good vibes on her loan closing today.

Anyway.. enough babble. Time to crank up the tunes and bebop through some reworks.


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  1. laedevalle has made a Comment

    You should post that site in πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    May 15, 2003 @ 3:28 am

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